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ss midterm

what do archaeologists do? study artifacts
what is culture? a way of life
how do early men get to america? crossed a land bridge connection asia to alaska
what is one of the things the iroquois do? formed a confederation led by the grand council
whats another thing the iroquois do? they adapted to their environment by using wood and bark for their longhouses
whats one more thing the iroquois do? there villages protected them from enemies because they lived in groups
why is there different Native American cultures? there is different environments
what did great plains indians do? depended on buffalo for food, shelter, clothing and tools
what did the Aztecs/ Incas, and Mayans have? they had advanced civilizations/ located in Central America
what are the effects on America? 1) europeans start new colonies 2) natives die from white mans diseases 3) new foods brought over
what are the results of the columbian exchange? 1) new food 2) new colonies 3) new diseases 4) africans brought as slaves
what was the economics for the 13 colonies? making goods and selling them/ idea of making money
what was the house of burgesses? it was important because it was a representative government. the first representative form of government in north america this was important in the development a democracy in the colonies
what was the reason for Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island? for religious freedom
what was the Mayflower compact purpose? and what is it? to create a government and the first form of self government in the new world. this government was created to benefit the colony
what is New York? is controlled by Peter Stuyvesant/ owned by the Dutch first
what was the cash crop in Jamestown? tobacco
the increase need for farm workers equal? increase number of slaves from africa
what was the voting rights? only men who owned property/ no women or african americans
what colony was catholic? Maryland
where was New France and what did it do? along the ST.Lawrence River/ made a living by fishing and fur trade
what colony was the Quakers? Pennsylvania
what was the Albany Plan of Union? cartoon/ colonies need to unite together
why did farmers settle near waterways? it was easier to transport their goods
what were the results of the French and Indian war? england got land from france/ france lost its land claims and power in north america/england wanted the colonists to pay for the war
what are anthropologists? they believed that the earliest human migration to the americas was people from asia crossing] the land bridge to alaska in order to hunt migrating animals
environmental conditions a variety existed in north america. that is why many different native american cultures developed
culture the entire way of life a group of people develop and share as members of a society
archaeologists study the evidence left by early humans. these pieces are called artifacts
living in longhouses were what? made of wood and bark is the best evidence that the iroquois adapted to their physical environment
Native Americans lived on the great plains used the buffalo as food, clothing, shelter, and tools
the Aztecs , Incas, and Mayas all had advanced civilzations before columbus arrived, the maya and aztec empires were located in central america
the iroquois confederacy establishment of a political union of member nations,this reflected a democratic idea known as a representative government. the iroquois confederation was led by the grand council. the grand council made decisions that affected the confederation as one
columbian exchange after columbus arrived in the west indies, an exchange of goods and ideas began. the columbian exchange involved many items, people, plants, animals, and even diseases
jamestown survived in part because john rolfe began planting tobacco ( a cash crop)
the dutch originally established a colony where new york state is now
peter stuyvesant was the governor of the dutch colony new amsterdam . stuyvesant surrounded the colony to england in 1664 without a fight
to seek religious freedom and escape persecution many of the early settlers immigrated to Maryland, Massachusetts, plymouth Pennsylvania and Rhode Island
pennsylvania founded by William Penn as a place for Quakers to worship freely
economics the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services
voting privilages in order to have voting privileges in the 13 colonies, you had to be a man who owned property
colonial farmers choose to settle near oceans or coastal waterways because the transportation of their products would be easier
New France most of the settlements in new france were located along the St.Lawrence river. fur trading and fishing were the most profitable ways of making a living
enslaved people from africa were used as agricultural workers in the southern colonies
Benjamin Franklin's Plan of Union after this failure, he drew a political cartoon to stress the importance of the colonies having to work together
French and Indian war as a result of the French and Indian war, england decided to make the american colonists help pay war debts.
major geographic features of the united states from the west to the east are the Rocky Mountains, great plains, mississippi river, and appalachian mountains
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