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Our Heritage Test 4

Daniel Boone and his family moved to Yadkin Valley in ____________. North Carolina
What wilderness did John Finley tell Daniel Boone about? Kentucky
Daniel Boone lived at the same time as what other great American? George Washington
What trail did Daniel Boone blaze to Kentucky? Wilderness Road
Who had a traveling writing desk made? Thomas Jefferson
What famous college did Thomas Jefferson design? University of Virginia
Noah Webster's parents were willing to give up their farm so that Noah could have what? A college education
How many languages did Noah Webster study before writing The American Dictionary? Twenty
As new things are discovered the dictionary will change, but what is the one book that will never change? The Bible
Daniel drove a supply wagon for the English army. True or False True
Daniel returned from Kentucky with many furs. True or False False
The Cherokee Indians sold Kentucky to Colonel Henderson. True or False True
Thomas Jefferson felt that Americans should be independent of the king of England and have their own government. True or False True
Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. True or False True
The Bible was the only book in the school that Noah Webster attended. True or False False
The first book Noah Webster wrote was The American Dictionary. True or False False
After he asked Jesus to be his Savior, Noah had Bible reading and prayer every day with his family. True or False True
It took Noah Webster nearly twenty years to write his dictionary. True or False True
Noah Webster wanted to be a teacher more than anything else. True or False False
In which document can you find the following quotation: "He is a fool who does not choose the best boys when he goes to play." The Blue-Backed Speller
In which document can the following quotation be found: "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." The Declaration of Independence
What name did Daniel Boone give to his gun? Tick-Licker
A male deer is called a _______. Buck
What is the name of the first settlement in Kentucky? Boonesborough
What is the name of the group that had meetings in Philadelphia? Continental Congress
What is the date and year of America's birthday? July 4, 1776
Monticello is also known by the following name ____________. "Little Mountain"
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What is the name of the first white woman in Kentucky? Rebecca Boone
Where did the Wilderness Road begin and end? It began in Virginia and ended in Kentucky.
How was the fort at Boonesborough saved? Daniel Boone escaped from the Indians to warn the people; a rainstorm put out the fire the Indians had started.
Quotations: Who said: "You have to fight an Indian like an Indian." Daniel Boone
Quotations: Who said ____ "If America is to stay a free country, her children need to know how to read." Noah Webster
Created by: Zsim