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Global 9 midterm

Matriarchal Mother's side
Patriarchal Father's side
Extended / Traditional Families several generations living together
Archaeologist Study of man using Physical remains (artifacts)
Economy $$$$$
Social People
Political Government
Ethnocentric Belief that your culture is superior to others
Longitude east and west of the prime meridian
Latitude north and south of the equator
sparse population few people
dense population many people
Paleolithic man Old stone age (early man)
Neolithic man New stone age (more advancements and time)
Fertile crescent Fertile land in mesopotamia and egypt along the tigris and euphrates rivers, the persian golf, and the mediterranean sea
Mandate of Heaven Ruler has devine power- it was given to them by god and he specially picked them to have that power
Hellenistic culture blend go greek, persian, egyptian, and indian influences
Aqueducts A channel to navigate water
Silt mineral rich soil formed from floods
Loess mineral rich soil formed from winds
Pax romana 200 years of roman peace and prosperity
Totalitarian one ruler has complete control
Caste system strict social structure-- unequal -- cannot change caste unless reincarnated
Dynasty a line of hereditary rulers
Sahara Desert in north africa stretching from the atlantic in the west to the red sea in the east
Deity a god or goddess in a polytheistic religion
Allah What the islam religion calls god
Yahweh What the jewish religion calls god
Animism All creatures have spirits and you should have a respect for religion - usually a tribal religion
Monarchy Ruled by a king or queen --- unequal
Oligarchy Select few people --- power based on wealth --- unequal
Aristocracy Ruled by a small group of noble, land owning families
Direct Democracy State ruled by citizens --- vote on every issue --- more equal but not 100%
Dharma moral duty or obligation - everyone has their own (hinduism)
Karma If you do good things, good things will happen to you (hinduism)
Moksha Eternal peace (hinduism)
Yoga discipline of the mind and body (hinduism)
Meditation Silent prayer/ worship (hinduism)
Puja daily ritual of washing and prayer (hinduism)
Nirvana eternal peace (buddhism)
Muhammad Founder of islam
Hinduism no founder
Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
Judaism Moses and Abraham
Christianity Jesus
5 pillars of islam 1) Allah is the one absolute god and Muhammad is the prophet 2) Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca (east) 3) Give alms to the poor 4) fast during the month of ramadan for forgiveness 5) make a pilgrimage to mecca once in your life
Holy book of islam Qu'ran or Koran
Created by: laurenb555
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