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Financial Literacy

The first section of a spending plan is..? Income
Do not ever provide info in the ___ of an e-mail or in an ____ that contains personal info Body:attachment
The best way to limit their access to your info is to ___ everything shred
identity theft can...? ruin your credit
It is recommended you carry one for purchases you make in ___ and have a separate card for ___ purchases person : online
what should you do when you find out you have been a victim of identity theft? contact all banks and credit card companies and tell them what has happened
a short-term goal is a goal you want to achieve in less than __ months time 12
An intermediate goal is one you want to achieve in more than 12 months but less than __ years 5
a long term goal is one you want to achieve in more than 5 years and possibly up to ___ years 35
What 3 things should you keep in mind when choosing a bank convenience, service, and cost
a ___________ is one of the most widely recognized of the banking institutions because they have been so well known throughout the years commercial bank
What is a virtual bank? they do not have physical locations you are able to walk into and do your banking
each time you use a debit card, the money is taken from your account almost___ immediatly
banks make their money by charging _____ fees
ask a customer service representative to make sure there are no ___ fees hidden
bank statements are provided to give a customer a ______ of what their account activity has been during a specific time period snapshot
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