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unit 6

War of 1812, Monroe Doctrine, Missouri Compromise

When was the war of 1812 fought? 1812
Who was president during the war of 1812? Madison
What president passed the Embargo Act? Why was the Embargo Act passed? Jefferson In order to stay neutral
What happened to the economy as a result of the Embargo Act? The economy failed
Why did the economy fail ? Because American ships could not leave American waters - couldn't trade and make money
What is another word for "impressment"? kidnap
What 2 countries were at war in 1812 England and America
List the first 5 presidents in order: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe
The War of 1812 was mainly a war over Most of the battles of the War of 1812 were fought in this area Interference with trading/shipping Around the Ohio River Valley
What was James Madison's wife name? Dolly
What food is named after Dolly? ice cream
Who was president AFTER the War of 1812? Monroe
In 1809, what 2 countries were at war with each other? France and England
Washington's belief that the USA should not take sides in a war is called: neutrality
What city was burned during the War of 1812? Washington, D.C.
Who burned the city of Washington? Britain/England
What picture was saved from the burning of the White House ? Picture of George Washington
Who saved the picture of Washington? Dolly Madison
What battle happened after the War of 1812 was over? Battle of New Orleans
How did Madison change Jefferson's policies toward Britain? He refused to be neutral and went to war
What was the name of the great Indian chief who fought to keep his land during the War of 1812? Tecumseh
What country did Tecumseh support during the War of 1812? England
Name the treaty that ended the War of 1812 Treaty of Ghent
Where was the Treaty of Ghent signed? Belgium
What is America's national anthem? Star Spangled Banner
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Scott Key
When was the national anthem written? during the War of 1812 during the Battle of Baltimore
"Rocket's red glare, bombs bursting in air..." is from? Star Spangled Banner
What does "amber waves of grain" mean? wheat blowing in the wind
What color is amber? yellow
How can America's national anthem be viewed by people outside of America? Violent
Why is Tchaikovsky important to the War of 1812? He wrote a nationalistic song for Russia
Why did Napolean's invasion of Russia fail? The weather was cold and snowy
How did America get Florida? bought it
Name the treaty in which America got Florida Adams-Onis Treaty
Who wrote the Overture of 1812? Tchaikovsky
What weapon is used in the overture of 1812? cannons
What president's doctrine influenced the Western Hemisphere? James Monroe
What is the best way to describe how Indians felt after the War of 1812 Get out of my garden!
Where were Indians mostly attacked during the War of 1812? Ohio River Valley
Who killed Tecumseh? William Henry Harrison
What is another name for the Black Hills? Mount Rushmore
What did white men find in the Black Hills? Gold
Why are the Black Hills important to Indians? They believe that is where Mother Earth lives and births buffalo
What are the Black Hills famous for today? Mount Rushmore, the faces of 4 presidents
What state is Mount Rushmore located in? South Dakota
Whose presidency was called the Era of Good Feelings? Monroe
Define era years/time period
Why was there an Era of Good Feelings? Because nationalism was on the rise
choose the answer with correct countries that are in the hemisphere where Monroe passed his doctrine Ecuador, Canada, Peru, Jamaica, Belize
Which president's doctrine concerned the Western Hemisphere? Monroe
The Monroe Doctrine can be defined as: Imperialism
What happened as a result of the war of 1812? nationalism
What promise did America make when they got Florida? To never touch Texas
Who was president for only 30 days? William Henry Harrison
Love and loyalty to one's country can best be described as: Nationalism
What American general won the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
Why was the Battle of New Orleans fought? Because there was no communication that a peace treaty was signed
Why was the Missouri Compromise created? To keep an even balance between free and slave states
What 2 states were involved in the Missouri Compromise? Missouri and Maine
When was the Battle of New Orleans fought? After the Treaty of Ghent was signed
What was James Madison's nickname? Father of the Constitution
What country supplied the Indians with guns? Britain/England
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