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Lesson 8 review

Britain's law making body Parliament
The House of Parliament that is elected by the people House of Commons
The house of Parliament that is not elected House of Lords
A form of government that's power is limited Limited government
An older district that had very few voters, but could elect a several representatives , and was usual controlled by one family Rotten borough
The right to vote is called Suffrage
The abolishment of restrictions and tariffs placed on grain imports Corn laws
After Napoleon III was captured and his power ended, what republic was formed Third Republic
June, 1848, Worker's lost this revolt against the government that lasted 3 days ending in over 10,000 dead. June days
Wanted limited voting rights to citizens and limited monarchy Moderates
A tax on imports and exports Tarriffs
The right of women to vote Women's suffrage
Voting rights to all citizens Universal suffrage
Reformers who supported the People's Charter Chartist
The act that would allow people to vote anonymously Secret ballot
Qualification that had to be shown in order to vote. Was in the People's Charter. property qualifications
Was a Prime minister that served during the mid 1800's. He was from the Liberal Party William Gladstone
Was elected into power after the Revolution of 1830 and was a moderate. Unemployment and food prices rose during his rule Louis Philippe
Wanted Absolutist rule Monarchist
Executive power premier
Was an absolutist ruler. Took over after Louis’ death in 1824 Charles X
Was a Prime minister that served during the mid 1800's. He was from Conservative Party. Benjamin Disraeli
Eliminated many rotten boroughs, updated the amount representatives put in districts so that each district had the correct number of representatives, reduced property requirements on voting Reform Act of 1832
Extended the voting rights to more then 2 million Reform Act of 1884
This Act gave women the right to vote in France Reform Act of 1918
Took away most of The House of Lords power Parliament Act of 1911
A request sent to Parliament Petition
Was elected in 1848 after the June Days as the leader of France. At first, he was popular with both workers and elites. Over time, he sought to take more and more power for himself. 1852- he named himself emperor of France Napoleon III
Was one of the most important abolitionist of Britian William Wilberforce
What members of the group Paris Commune were known as Communards
Organization setup by Radicals to push for a communist style revoltuion Paris Commune
Created by: casey.smith