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Lesson 8

Lesson 8- France and Britain

Britain's Law makings Parliament
In 1848 the revolution was over but there were 3 Days of fighting,10,000 people dead. June Days
Was a tradition in the 19th Century Limited government
The right to vote Suffrage
Wanted a republic with full voting rights Radical
Who was a popular figure in France in 1830? Louis Philippe
What abolished tariffs on imported grain and helped lower bread prices? Corn Laws
Who was the executive power of France? Premier
What extended the voting rights in 1884? Reform act of 1884
Who ruled France after the Congress of Vienna? Louis XVIII
Who took over after Louis' death? Charles X
Elected by the people House of Commons
Not elected House of Lords
Had older distictrics with few voters sent Rotten boroughts
Who ruled France after the Congress of Vienna? Louis XVIII
Who wanted a limited monarchy with limited voting rights? Moderate
Who wanted to return to a absolutists monarchy? Monarchist
Women went on hunger strikes...hat was this called? Women's suffrage
What made it harder to afford food, and products? Tariff
What eliminated many rotten brought, and reduced property requirements in 1832? Reform Act of 1832
Charles X gave up and went into exile Revolution of 1830
The legislature elected who as king in 1830? Louis Philppe
Who were reformers who supported the People's Charter? Chartists
What was Louis Philippe forced out of? Revolution of 1848
What was sent to Parliament in 1839? Petuition
Napoleon III's rule came to a end in 1870 during what? Franco-Prussian War
Republicans in Paris proclaimed to what? Third Republic
One of the Prime Ministers that severed during the mid late 1800's his name starts with a B. Benjamin Disreli
The Secret_____ was sent to Parliament in 1839. Secret Ballot
The other Prime minster that served during the mid late 1800's. William Gladstone
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