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History Midterm Exam

hope I don't fail

Where did the first Americans come from? north eastern coast of Asia crossed a land bridge, the Bering Strait
What was the effect of Europeans on Native American life? took land, spread diseases, enslaved them, and used them to learn techniques about living on the land
What was the effect of agriculture on Native American population? populations grew quickly
Location of British colonies in North America east coast
Location of Spanish colonies in North/South America mexico, florida, southwestern pacific coast regions
Purpose of Missionaries convert Native Americans to christianity
Significance of Jamestown 1st european settlement in america
Parts of the Great Compromise senate would have equal representation, house would be by population, slaves were 3/5 of a person
Effect of slave revolts on southern slave owners thought they were losing control of the slaves and started using harsher punishment
Which colony region has the most religious freedom(middle, New England, southern)? middle
Cause and effect of taxes on British colonies cause: French American war effect: colonies were upset and revolted
What did the Northwest Ordinance provide? directions on how territories should be governed and how they became full fledged states
Why were the Articles of Confederation a failure didn't give the national gov. enough power
Antifederalists beliefs didn't like the constitution b/c the national gov. had too much power
Effect of the election of 1860 SC seceded from the Union other southern states followed, Confederacy was formeed
What was the Dawes Act? 1887 law that divided reservation land into private family plots, encouraged the NAs to be absorbed into American society
What was the Pendleton Act? law that created a civil service system for the federal gov. in an attempt to hire employees on a merit system, ppl. who wanted to work for the gov. had to take an exam
What was the Federal Reserve Act? 1913 law the place national banks under to control of a Federal Reserve Board, the board runs regionals banks that hold the reserve funds from commercial banks, set interest rates and supervises commercial banks
What was the Clayton Antitrust Act? 1914 law that strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act by spelling out activities businesses could not engage in
What was the Sherman Antitrust Act? 1890 law that outlawed mergers and monopolies
What was the American Federation of Labor? labor union that organized skilled workers in a specific trade and focused on specific workers' issues rather than broad issues
What was the purpose of the Populist Party? to advocate a larger money supply and other economic reforms
What was the WCTU? women's christian temperance movement, thought alcohol was bad and that is should be illegal
What was the NAWSA? national american woman suffrage association worked on the state and national level to earn women the right to vote
What was the NAACP? national association for the advancement of colored people worked to abolish segregation and discrimination and achieve political and civil rights for AAs
What was the Square Deal? Teddy Roosevelt's program of reforms to keep to the wealthy and powerful from taking advantage of small business owners and the poor
What was the Knights of Labor? labor union that sought to organized all workers and focused on broad social reforms
Push and Pull factors of immigration(know the difference and examples) push: away from country pull: toward another country push: religious persecution and mandatory military service pull: available jobs and the promise of greater political and religious freedom
Benefit of elevated railroads and electric lights for urban areas allowed cities to expand, lit up streets at night so it was safer, kept travel off the dirty roads
Middle Class activities during the Gilded Age amusement parks
Cause of conflict between ranchers and railroad owners railroad owners were charging too much for the ranchers supplies to be shipped
Why did segregation rise during the Progressive Era? theories said AAs were less intelligent used the theories to pass laws that limited the AAs
What did the Naturalist novels do? Exposed the struggles and conditions of industries.
What did The Jungle expose? terrible working conditions in the meatpacking industry
What reforms did the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire tragedy create? Tragedy reforms such as fire protection, fire inspection, fire equipment, escape routes
What did Progressive women try to accomplish? Women's suffrage
What was the 19th amendment to the Constitution? Women's Suffrage
Who worked to create the National Association of Colored Women? Ida B Wells
What was the Muller vs. Oregon decision? Woman would be put in class of there own with law only for them(working hours). Supreme court agreed long working hour would harm woman and their families.
What was the goal of the Americanization Movement? To Americanize immigrants and teach them how to speak engilsh, encouraged them to eat american foods and wanted them to have a protestant work ethic
What led to the formation of the NAACP? 1908 Springfield Riot
Purpose of the Anti-Defamation League To Protect jews from verbal and physical injustices
What did the 1913 California law for Japanese-Americans to do? made them sell their land
Goal of the Women's Christian Temperance Union Banned alcohol
What did U.S. Commodore Matthew C. Perry do in 1853? Opened trade with Japan
How and when was Hawaii annexed 1898- William McKinley and Congress proclaimed Hawaii as US territory to use for their natural resources.
Why did U.S. Commodore George Dewey lead his ships into Manila Bay during the Spanish-American war? Lead ships there in order to engage spanish they fought spanish and naval station
Who were the "Rough Riders" and who led them? Enlisted cowboys and college men led by Teddy Roosevelt
When did the Philippines finally gain independence? Why did it take so long? 1946-US didn't think Philippians was able to be independent, finally became independent because of Jones Act
What policy did the US want regarding trade in China that was unlike the European beliefs? Open Door policies
What was the Platt Amendment? vRisted rights of cubans, brought cuba into US sphere of influence, cuba cant sign treaties, cuba leases navy rights US can intervene to preserve order.
Why did President Roosevelt support Panamanian rebels in their revolt against Columbia? So that we would be given permission to the "canal zone" to build the panama canal
What is an extractive economy? When raw materials form on colony are taken to the main county( cheaper for big country)
Why did the US want overseas territories? they wanted to have a place to sell their goods
Why did some call the purchase of Alaska "Seward's Folly"? It was a non-beneficial to the US and was a frozen wasteland 20 millions miles away
What territories were involved in the 1898 Treaty of Paris? Cuba
What was Roosevelt's "Big Stick" diplomacy? Depended strongly on military to achieve goals and act boldly in risky situations.
How did the US get access to the Canal Zone in Panama? helping Panama gain independence from Columbia
What is "Moral Diplomacy"? Woodrow Wilson statement that said the US would not force influence in the world but would instead work to promote human rights
Who led Mexico as a dictator for decades before Civil War broke out? Porfirio Diez
What did Social Darwinists believe? believed that certain races or nations were superior to others and therefore destined to rule over them
What countries were part of the Triple Alliance during WWI? Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
What countries were part of the Triple Entente during WWI? France, Russia, and Great Britain.
Who was responsible for the agriculture policies of the US during WWI? Herbert Hoover
What organization promoted support for the war among the people in the US during WWI? the Committee on Public Information
What were the main reasons Germany surrendered during WWI? German soldiers were not willing to fight, there were too many casualties.
What was the purpose of convoys during WWI? Protect merchant ships and their products
What was the League of Nations? Italy, Japan, and Germany. Promote world peace but was greatly weakened by the refusal of the US to join.
Who were Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti? Two Italian immigrants were falsely charged with murder and put to death by electric chair because of the fear of immigrants (communists) at that time
Why did President Wilson want the US to stay neutral in WWI? The nation's ethnic diversity.
What events caused people in the US to turn against Germany and support US entry into WWI against Germany? The zimmerman not and unrestricted submarine warfare
What was the Sedition Act and what effect did it have? Made it illegal for any person to critique the gov. in any way. Made it legal for the persecution of critics. Effect- limited freedom of speech.
How did WWI change to lives of American women They became more active in the work force
How did WWI contribute to the Great Migration? Created more jobs in the north because of the war effort
What happened to farm incomes as the 1920s progressed? They decreased
Where was discrimination the worst for African Americans in the 1920s/1930s? South, Jim Crows laws
How did Prohibition contribute to the growth of organized crime? What amendment was it and what amendment repealed it? Made it easier for bootleggers to engage in other types of illegal activities. Repealed in the 21 amendment.
What did Marcus Garvey believe? Why did his movement fall apart? Supported AA rights and there was no leader for the movement after he was deported
What was a major result of Henry Ford's innovative manufacturing techniques? Sale price of automobiles decreased
What was the Scopes Monkey Trial a clash between? Religion and science
The American movie industry was controlled by a handful of huge studios in Hollywood, California
Describe how successful, or not, the radio was in the US Very Successful
What was the "New Women" of the 1920s? Rejected victorian morality
What was abstract art an expression of? Modernism
What was "Jazz"? Mix between european and african music styles.
What was the main focus of literature during the Harlem Renaissance? Celebrate the joys and struggles of african americans at that time.
What was significance of Harlem? African Americans had a voice
What group experienced an early depression in the 1920s? Farmers
During the 1920s the US economy moved through which phase of the business cycle? Expansion
Why did the Stock Market crash in 1929? People bought stocks with borrowed money then stock prices rose and then the whole thing blew up
What event occurred on Black Tuesday? Describe in full detail Stock prices fell so people frantically sold the stocks at any price 16 million shares were sold
Why did so many banks collapse at the beginning of the Great Depression? Everyone rushed to the banks to withdraw money, but the banks only had so much money at the time, so they didn't have enough money for everyone to withdraw their money.
What was Hoover's policy of "volunteerism"? People should solve the Great Depression and not the government
Why was FDR elected over Hoover in 1932? Hoover was blamed for the Great Depression
What was the destination of most Dust Bowl migrants? California- West
How did the uneven distribution of the nation's wealth lead to the depression? The rich got richer and weren't spending enough money to stimulate the economy and the poor got poorer.
What event happened when the veteran groups marched in protest on Washington? General MacArthur used tear gas, bayonets, and fire to drive the army out.
Why did groups, such as African Americans, have such a difficult time during the Great Depression? Racism, they were first to lose their jobs and last to get a job
Why did the Bonus Army march on Washington, DC? They wanted to receive their bonus check they were promised from the war.
What did Roosevelt and Congress pass the day after FDR's inauguration? Emergency Banking Bill
Why did FDR create the Security and Exchange Commision (SEC)? He wanted to reform the nation's bank or make them safer To regulate the stock market
What were the three goals of the New Deal? Relief, Reform, and Recovery
Why was the American Liberty League (ALL) created? Opposed the New Deal and was made of rich business people and politicians.
What did President Roosevelt introduce to help retirees? Social Security
Workers being able to collectively bargain was part of what government action? Wagner Act
Members of the ________ participated in a sit-down strike until General Motors agreed to recognize them UAW
How did Eleanor Roosevelt show her support for minorities during the 1930s? She sat with blacks during the meeting and she participated in protests against racial discrimination
What did FDR set aside 12 million acres of land for? National Parks
How many terms did Roosevelt serve as president? elected 4 served 3
Who was a top swing musician? Glenn Miller
What was a main source of entertainment for Americans during the Great Depression? Movies
What was The Lone Ranger and The Shadow are example of? Radio shows
What radio drama was so realistic that some people thought aliens were invading Earth? War of the Worlds
What was a significant flaw of the Social Security Act? It didn't apply to domestic or farm workers
What was the condition of America's economy following WWI? Brief recession, followed by tremendous growth.
Effect of the Battle of Gettysburg Turning point in the civil war
Effect of the Nullification Crisis SC passed a law canceling a federal tariff Andrew Jackson responded by asking Congress to use federal troops
Effect of the Second Great Awakening Prison reform was created, women's rights movement, abolishment of slavery, reform in education, and advancements in literature.
Why did Abolitionists want to end slavery? they thought owning another person was morally wrong
Effect of the Mexican-American war set the Rio Grande as the southern border for Texas, Us got California and other southwestern states
Effect of the Dred Scott decision slaves couldn't sue the court, federal gov. couldn't ban slavery in any territory, Missouri Compromise was unconsitutional
What was the first state to secede from the Union? South Carolina
Two major women active in the abolition movement Harriet bea
Main goal of the Union in the Civil war Not abolish slavery
Effect of the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves
What did the south suffer shortages in during the American Civil War? destroyed souths farms and resources, inflation, starvation
Effects of the Civil War Slaves became free people, the south was no longer a confederacy, the south was is ruins, and many americans died
Effects of Radical Reconstruction South divide into military districts, AA gained citizenship and voting rights, unionist restored, sharecropping new farming system, KKK and segregation form
Purpose of the KKK To discriminate other cultures and races because certain people felt superior to them
Why was the 15th amendment passed? It would obtain the vote of freed slaves.
What international event led to the Red Scare? revolution in Russia where Vladimir Lenin made Russia a communist gov.
Created by: opal.eddy
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