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Ch. 27-Postwar Boom

Postwar Boom 1940s/1950s

The Fair Deal was an ambitious economic program proposed by _____ Harry Truman
Rapid suburbanization in the 1950s was primarily the result of the pursuit of the “American dream”
The typical suburban male of the 1950s was _____. white, young, married with children, and had a white collar job
What is planned obsolescence? a marketing strategy with the main purpose of encouraging consumers to buy more goods
What is a franchise? a company that offers similar products in many locations
In the 1950s, both the beat movement and rock ‘n’ roll were viewed as forms or expressions of ____________. rebellion
Who wrote a book of advice on child-rearing that sold 10 million copies in the 1950s? Benjamin Spock
During the 1950s, __________________ could be counted on to provide programming of special interest to African Americans radio stations
Who were the braceros? Mexican workers who came to the U.S. during WWII
What was the termination policy? failed federal program directed at Native Americans
After WWII, to whom did the federal government offer help in obtaining an education, a home, and job or business? American war veterans
During the 1950s, what was the main trend in the housing industry? mass production and standardization of single-family homes
How did President Truman responded to labor strikes that threatened to cripple the nation’s economy? by proposing to draft striking workers into the army
What was the main reason that the Dixiecrats opposed Truman’s nomination in 1948 ? because Truman was for civil rights
Truman’s Fair Deal offered Americans all of the following except A. a crop-subsidy system B. a college savings plan for children C. funding for urban low-income housing D. a nationwide system of health insurance college savings plan for children
What is a conglomerate? a large corporation that operates many different types of businesses
During the 1950s, what was the main population shift? from cities to suburbs
Who developed the first effective vaccine against polio? Jonas Salk
Harry Truman served as president from _____ to _____ and Dwight Eisenhower served as president from _____ to ___. 1945-1953; 1953-1961
What was the baby boom? the sharp increase in U.S. birthrate following WWII (1946-1964)
What is white flight? millions of middle-class white Americans leaving the cities for the suburbs
What did Truman do when Congress failed to pass his proposed civil rights legislation? Truman established the Committee on Civil Rights
How did Truman use his executive power to advance civil rights? Truman issued executive orders calling for the integration of the armed forces & outlawing discrimination in the hiring of federal employees
Who did Truman run against in the 1948 presidential election and what was the result of that election? Truman beat Governor Thomas Dewey in an upset.
How did Eisenhower enforce the 1954 Brown decision that outlawed segregation? Ike sent federal troops to integrate the school in Arkansas
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