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Aztec society

Aztec society Juan Romero

margin edge of something such as an area of land.
reign period during which someone is king or queen.
theft crime of stealing
monarch king or queen
unique unusually good and special
classic considered important and of high quality with a value that last for a long time
arid arid or lacking in rainfall
basin basin is a bowl shaped area often with a lake at the bottom of it.
mercenary mercenary or soldiers for hire.
chinampa floating gardens called chinampas .
nezahualcoyotl the rule of one of these city states was a warrior poet named nezahualcoyotl.
moctezuma in 1502 a new emperor came to the thrown his name was. moctezuma
agrarian agrarian people most of their lives were related to farming.
tribute tribute or goods paid as taxes by conquered peoples.
prime minister a prime minister is the chief official appointed by the ruler of a country.
causeway a causeway is a raised road across a body of water.
shrine a shrine is a place of worship that is dedicated to a sacred object or person.
fine art fine art or works that are created mainly to be admired.
orator orators or public speakers.
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