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Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion Early 1800s/ vast territory acquired west of the Mississippi River/ disrupted wildlife habitats
Manifest Destiny Belief U.S. was destined by Providence (God) to extend its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean/ settlers move west to start new life/ idea of democracy/ refuge for the persecuted/ new farm land/ opens western markets
American Progress Example of American art/ John Gast/ Pioneers shown traveling west with new transportation and communication technologies
Northwest Ordinance 1787/ establised procedures for orderly expansion turning territories into states/ 60,000 population requirement
European immigrants desire cheap land = pull factor/ Irish immigrate due to potato famine/ Irish work in U.S. factories
Asian immigrants China/ contribute to American society/ extract natural resources in California/ work on Transcontinental Railroad
annex to add a territory to one’s own territory.
Louisiana Purchase 1803/ Louisiana Territory/ doubled the size of U.S./ navigable rivers allowed for exploration/ Lewis & Clark/ Sacagawea translator and guide/ present-day states include Kansas and Nebraska
Adams Onis Treaty 1819/ Monroe’s administration/ Florida (spanish colony) cedes Spain
Oregon Country 1846/ obtained from the British/ border disputed/ 54 - 40 min. or fight/ navigable rivers allowed for exploration/ U.S. motivated to divide in order to limit Great Britain’s influence/ Oregon trail quickest route to Pacific Ocean
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago 1848/ ends U.S. and Mexican War/ Mexico cedes territory that is present-day CA (spanish colony), NM, AZ, & NE/ Rio Grande made border between U.S. and Mexico/ Mexico recognizes Texas as part of U.S./ 15 million/ coastal land
Mormon Trail Migrated west to avoid religious persecution/ Brigham Young leads mormons to Utah to settle land
James K. Polk 11th president/ won election 1844 due to his strong belief in Manifest Destiny/ believes CA (spanish colony) will produce great riches due to it’s proximity to Asia, Central and South America/ placed U.S. soldiers on Rio Grande along disputed border
The far west - shooting buffalo on the line of the Kansas-Pacific Railroad” Example of American Art/ Ernest Griset/ 1871/ America brings changes to frontier
Abolitionist Any person who wanted to end slavery in the United States.
Texas Independent republic/ abolitionists opposed annexation/ slave state/ U.S. motivated to annex in order to limit Great Britain’s influence
Gadsden Purchase 1853/ small region directly above Mexico/ 10 million/ for railroad expansion
forty-niner fortune-seeker who came to California during th Gold Rush
California Gold Rush 1849/ 49ers migrate/ population boom to California/ railroad used
joint occupation people from two countries can occupy an area
Created by: pdelam4
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