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Social Studies :(

Kidnapping people or property for government services- Impressment
Pride of Patriotism in ones country- Nationalism
Wanted a strong central government- Federalist
Opposed a strong government Anti federalists
Leader of federalists- Alexander Hamilton
Leader of Democratic-Republicans- Thomas Jerfferson
Taxed on Imported goods- Protective tarriff
People known as radical patriots- War Hawk
Congressman from SC that urged was on Britain John C. Calhoun
Prevented democratic republicans from trash talking in their newspaper- Alien and Sedition Acts
Went to France for the XYZ affair Charles C. Pinkney
President from 1787-1801 John Adams
Incident that almost led to a war against France XYZ affair
Created a national currency and sense of unity National Bank
Cause by the Embargo act pf 1807 between Great Britain and the U.S War of 1812
Elected representatives make decisions with the consent of the people (democracy) Popular Sovereignty
The constitution limits the power of the government and protects the rights of citizens Limited Government
Divided into 3 branches, is the structure of the new government Separation of Powers
Each of three limits the others powers, so one doesn't have too much Checks and Balances
A court can declare an order of declaration of administrative action by the people Judicial Review
Divides the power between the state government and national government Federalism
What did the US Constitution establish? a limited government based on power shared between the national and state government.
What law provided a written guaranteed of the highest rights? What law was the highest in the US? The Bill of Rights
What is the legislative branch? The US Congress which makes the laws -Congress in a two-house legislative
What is the judicial branch? consist of federal courts -the highest is the supreme court: it determined if laws made by Congress are constitutional
What is the executive branch? headed by the President and carries out laws -the vice president and Secretaries of all departments are also in the Executive branch
What was the first plan of government for the US called? Articles of Confederation
Explain 2 facts about this government -weak plan of government -could not solve problems of indebtedness and depression for the nation
What is the significance of Shay's Rebellion? led to a call for a stronger central government that could control future rebellions
Why was the constitutional convention of 1787 called to order? To revise the Articles of Confederation
List 4 major weaknesses of the Articles. -could not tax -could not control trade -had no court system -had to ask states for soldiers
True of False SC supported a weaker national government False
True of False SC supported the Virginia Plan True
True or False SC did not want the slaves to be counted False
true or false SC believed that everyone should be able to hold office False
SC believed that individual states should decide on voting requirements True
Created by: gracie.prince07
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