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American Revolution

VUS.4 American Revolution

Which Enlightenment philosopher influenced the American ideas of self-government and natural rights? John Locke
How did the Enlightenment and Great Awakening lead to the American Revolution? Challenged traditional authority
What are the natural rights that Locke wrote should be guaranteed to all citizens? Life, Liberty and Property
What should citizens do if the government does not uphold natural rights? Break the social contract and alter or overthrow the government
What is the pamphlet about self-government written by Thomas Paine? Common Sense
What is the Quartering Act? British law that forced colonists to provide shelter to British soldiers
What term is used to describe the refusal to purchase or trade products? Boycott
Who authored the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Whose ideas did Jefferson use to write the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Paine and John Locke
What ideas from Common Sense did Jefferson express in the Declaration of Independence? A detail of grievances against the King and the idea of self-government
What war was a result of the growing rivalry between England and France over territorial expansion? French and Indian War
What side was driven out of Canada and territories west of the Appalachian Mountains as a result of the French and Indian War? France
What was the Proclamation of 1763? British law prohibiting settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains in order to prevent conflict with Natives
Why did the British levy new taxes on the American colonists? To pay for the debt from the French and Indian War and to continue protection of colonists
What was the first direct tax placed on the colonists? Stamp Act
What was the Boston Tea Party? A protest by the Sons of Liberty on the Tea Act where colonists dressed as Indians and threw tea into Boston Harbor
Who were the Sons of Liberty? A group organized by Sam Adams in Boston promoting independence of the colonies
What was the significance of the First Continental Congress? All of the colonies except Georgia were present and it was the first time most of the colonies had acted together
What was the Boston Massacre British troops fired on anti-British colonial demonstrators resulting in the death of 5 colonists
Where did the Revolutionary War begin? "The Shot Heard 'Round the World" at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts
What is a Patriot? A colonist who believed in complete independence from England that provided troops for the Continental Army
Who said "Give me Liberty, or give me death" at the First Continental Congress? Patrick Henry
What battle became the turning point of the Revolutionary War? Saratoga
Who was the commander o the American Continental Army? George Washington
Who were the Loyalists? Colonists who remained loyal to Britain because of cultural and economic ties to Britain
What is the British term used to describe loyalists? Tories
How did the Loyalists feel about the taxation of the colonists? They believed it was justified to pay for protection from Indian attacks
What term is used to describe colonists who tried to stay un-involved in the war? Neutrals
Who negotiated the Treaty of Alliance with France? Benjamin Franklin
How did George Washington contribute to colonial victory? He avoided situations that threatened the destruction of his army, his leadership kept the army together when defeat seemed inevitable
What was the final battle of the American Revolution? Yorktown
Which army and navy contributed to the American victory at Yorktown? The French
What is a customs duty? a tax
What was the Sugar Act? Tax on molasses imported into the American Colonies
What were the Townshend Acts? Taxes on imported glass, lead, paper, paint, tea, etc.
What did the Tea Act do? Allowed the British East India Tea Company to create a monopoly on tea trade
What British laws were passed to punish Boston for the Boston Tea Party? Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)
Who were the Minutemen? Members of the Massachusetts militia who fought at Lexington and Concord
What happened at the Second Continental Congress? Declaration of Independence commissioned, Continental Army created
When did the Continental Congress adopt the Declaration of Independence? July 4, 1776
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