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Progressive Unit

SS Progressive Unit

How did Boss Tweed keep his power? he used bribes, threats & corruption
What did Upton Sinclair's book The Jungle accomplish? it exposed unsanitary conditions in the meat packing industry
16th Amendment Created the income tax
17th Amendment Direct election of Senators
18 th Amendment Prohibition – prohibited (forbid) the manufacture and sale of alcohol
19 th Amendment - Gave women the right to vote
Ida Tarbell Exposed Standard Oil Trust as being corrupt
Initiative voters can propose laws
Square Deal Teddy Roosevelt’s plan to pass reforms that were fair and equal for everyone
Federal Reserve Act Created the modern banking system
Clayton Anti-Trust Act clearly defined trusts and outlawed them
Jane Addams and Hull House Settlement for immigrants to help them assimilate in American culture – Hull House was created by Jane Addams
Recall Voters can elect an official out of office
Thomas Nast - Political cartoonist who exposed corrupt political leaders like Boss Tweed
Muckrakers People who exposed corruption using writing, journalism or photographs
Lillian Wald Started first visiting nurses settlement house
Carry Nation - Led campaign for prohibition
Carrie Chappman Catt President of NAWSA when 19 th Amendment passed.
Charlotte Perkins Gillman Writer who wanted women to be free from housework to pursue a career
Susan B. Anthony President of NAWSA & spoke at Seneca Falls Convention – fought for women’s suffrage
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Seneca Falls Convention) led women’s suffrage movement & wrote original wording for 19 th Amendment
Pendelton Civil Service Act People were hired for federal government jobs based on performance on civil service exams.
Created by: chetjenn