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American History

A 9th Grade American History StudyStack

Who proposed the unification of "Germany" into one "World Power", just before WWI? Bismarck
Who was the President during WWI? Woodrow Wilson
What were some of the inventions created and tactics used during and just after WWI? (As long as you can name at least 4, you get this right) Tracer bullets, tanks, planes with machine guns attached to them, trains carrying artillery guns on them, trench warfare, air traffic control, portable x-rays, Gatling Guns, poison gas, Paris guns, Zeppelins, and drones
What were the two alliances during WWI? Allied and Central Powers
What were the 4 goals of Admiral Mahan? Build a Modern Navy, acquire Pacific bases, acquire Caribbean bases, and construct a canal across Central America (Panama Canal)
Who led the American Expeditionary Force? John J. Pershing
What kind of war targets civilians in order to break their will to fight? Total war
Which countries were the Allied Powers? Great Britain, France, and Russia
Which countries were the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
Which alliance was Italy part of first? The Allied powers or the Central powers? Central Powers
What is Nativism? Hostility towards immigrants
What is the "Big Stick" policy? When the welfare of America's trade with a nation is being threatened, the use of military force is "reasonable/allowed".
What is Temperance? The ban on Alcohol
What "M" in the acronym-MAIN, for the main causes of WWI stand for? Militarism-Navy bases, larger, better trained Militaries, and Navies being constructed<>want to use it on something...
What does the "A" in the acronym-MAIN, stand for? Alliances-Allied and Central Powers
What does the "I" in the acronym-MAIN, stand for? Imperialism-The "Race" for the "best" territories
What does the "N" in the acronym-MAIN, stand for? Nationalism-Pride and Patriotism for one's nation
What sparked the start of WWI? The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Where was Archduke Franz Ferdinand when he was assassinated? Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Who are the KKK(Ku Klux Klan)? A group of white supremacist terrorists that used murder, lynching, arson, rape, and bombing to ensure that African Americans would not be granted civil rights.
What is Andrew Jackson most known for? Becoming a National War Hero after defeating the British in New Orleans during the War of 1812
What were the 13 Colonies? Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
What is the Bull-Moose party? A "3rd party", also known as the Progressive Party, Theodore Roosevelt created this party when he was turned down for the Republican Party candidacy. He did this because he knew that Taft was "hurting" America.
What was the result of the creation of the Bull-Moose Party? The Republican votes were split, therefore giving way to the Democratic Woodrow Wilson.
In the most general way to describe it, what caused the Civil War? The south wanted to keep their slaves, but the north would not let them.
How did the USS Maine explode? The gunpowder was stored on the ship right next to the unstable coal used as fuel for the ship. It was very hot down there and that caused the coals to ignite and then in turn, the gunpowder.
Who did America blame for the explosion of the USS Maine, and how did America think they did it? Spain~An underwater mine
What was the Open Door Policy? A policy created by America that states foreign nations in China should remain able to freely trade in areas controlled by other foreign nations, in order to continue to be able to trade with China.
What did the 19'th Amendment do? Granted women the right to vote
What did the 18'th Amendment propose? Prohibition
What did the 16'th Amendment propose? Income Tax
What did the 15'th Amendment do? Granted African Americans the right to vote
What did the 14'th Amendment propose? All people born in the U.S. have U.S. Citizenship rights
What did the 13'th Amendment do? Ended Slavery
What did the 12'th Amendment propose? President is elected by Electoral College
What did the 11'th Amendment propose? Nobody can sue a state in Federal Court without the consent of the state concerned.
What did the 10'th Amendment propose? Federal Government can only pass laws on things the Constitution specifically gives it authority to do. Anything else is done by individual states.
What did the 9'th Amendment propose? Under the theory of government espoused by the United States Constitution, the powers, rights and privileges of the government come from the people.
What did the 8'th Amendment propose? When you've commited a crime, they can't torture you, chop your hand or foot off, put you in the stocks so people can throw stuff at you, or put you on display in prison like a zoo.
What did the 7'th Amendment propose? When you've commited a crime, you have the right to a jury by trial. Basically, a support beam for the 6'th Amendment.
What did the 6'th Amendment propose? You have the right to Trial by Jury and a "Speedy" trial, which means the trial can't keep being postponed to aid you.
What did the 5'th Amendment propose? Miranda Rights-You have the right to remain silent until you have a lawyer present during interrogation. If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be given to you by court of law. It's the right that people use in cop shows-"I'm not talking without a lawyer"
What did the 4'th Amendment propose? In order to be allowed to legally search someone's person or possessions, you must have a search warrant.
What did the 3'rd Amendment propose? Soldiers can't occupy a house without the owner's consent.
What did the 2'nd Amendment propose? Citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. In other words, people have the right to carry weapons on them, and even use them in the case of Self-Defense.
What did the 1'st Amendment propose? Freedom of Press, Religion, Petition, and Assembly
What were 4 reasons why the Europeans explored the world? Asian trade routes, slaves for labor, gold, and new colonies
What famous saying did colonists reply with to the British Sugar Act? "Taxation without representation"
Who created the Declaration Of Independence? Continental Congress
Who's signature was the biggest on the Declaration Of Independence? [Hint:His signature was so big that when you sign your name big, some people call it a... (His Name)]. John Hancock
What signaled the start of the American Revolution? "The shot heard 'round the World"
Why did American Colonists name their militia the "Minutemen"? The Minutemen were created as a resistance could come to ward off the British at a minute's warning. They were made up of farmers, a few freed African Americans, and laymen.
What is the Freedom Trail? 2.5-mile path through downtown Boston, Massachusetts that goes by 16 spots significant to the history of the United States marked largely with red brick and goes from Boston Common, to the Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, to the Old Corner Bookstore.
Who was America's 1'st President? George Washington
Who was the most famous Minuteman? Paul Revere
Who led the Minutemen? Col. James Barrett
Who won the Alamo? Mexico
Who was the Mexican President during the Alamo? General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
Who led the Somervell Expedition? Alexander Somervell
Where/How was Somervell's body found? In 1854, he was found dead, his body lashed to the timbers of a capsized boat in which he had been traveling with a large sum of money.
Created by: Shadowdeath7392
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