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Congress Test

Judicial Branch Consists of court of laws and judges that interpret the laws of the USA.
Congressional Delegates The 55 delegates from 12 states that created the constitution.
What was The Virginia Plan? The plan that all for a strong Central Government of a Judicial Branch, Executive Branch, and a Legislative Branch.
When and where did the Constitutional Convention happen? The constitutional convention took place in Philadelphia in 1787.
James Wilson Fought for the right of "the people" to be the foundation of the government process.
Compromise An agreement in which each side gives a part of what they want.
Three-Fifths Compromise An agreement between the North states and the South states that said slaves would be counted as three-fifths of a person.
Explain the slaves trade compromise An agreement between the North and the South that said the slave trade could continue until 1808 (20 years) and then be abolished but slavery would still be legal.
Radify To approve of something
The Bill of Rights The first 10 amendments aimed to protect the people against abuses by federal government.
The First Amendment Guarantees the freedom of religion, speech, and the press
The Second Amendment Deals with the right to bear arms
The Third Amendment Bars government from forcing troops to citizens homes.
The Fourth Amedment Protects citizens from irresponsible searches of their homes and seizures of their property
The Fifth through Eighth Amendments Protects citizens who are accused of crimes and brought to trial.
The Ninth and Tenth Amendments Have to do with limiting the powers of the federal government.
The House of Representatives 435 representatives composed of elected officials from all of the states.
2 Years The length of the tern a representative holds office.
Senators 2 elected officials from each state that make up the senate.
Who make up the Legislative Branch of Government and what do they do? The Legislative Branch of Government is made up of 435 representatives and 100 senators from all states. They create bills that may or may not become laws.
The Executive Branch The Branch of Government made up of the president, vice president, and cabinet members.
6 Years The number of years a senators term lasts
Separation of Powers The idea that powers of government must be clearly defined and divided into legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
What are the powers of the president? Propose laws to congress, veto bills, serve as commander in chief of armed forces, negotiate foreign treaties, appoint federal judges, ambassadors and other high ranking officials, grant pardons to federal offenders
Amendment A formal change that has been made to the constitution
What are the 3 main parts of the constitution? The three main parts of the constitution are the preamble, the articles, and the amendments
Preamble The opening statement of the constitution
Articles The body of the constitution outlining the framework of the American Government
Checks and Balances Each power of government has the power to check, or limit, the actions of the other two
Bill A proposal for a new law
Veto The president's right to reject a proposed law
Citizen A person who is entitled to all the rights and privileges laid out to them in the constitution
What are the responsibilities of a citizen by law? Obey federal, state, and local laws, pay their fair share of taxes, serve on jury duties if called, defend the nation if called
What is a naturalized citizen? A person who has gone through the official legal process of becoming a citizen
Name four powers of the federal government? Establish foreign policy, make copy right and patent laws, declare war, and create federal courts
Name four powers reserved for the states? Maintain schools, create corporation laws, establish local governments, and regulate trade within state
Supreme Court IS the nations highest court that has the final say in interpreting the rights laid out in the U.S. constitution
Election A formal and organized process of electing members of a political body.
How many supreme court justices are there and how long do they serve? There are nine supreme court justices and they serve for life
Created by: johnnyharrod13
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