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Chapter 9, WW2

Chapter that describes the beginning of World War 2

Germany could not pay for Europe's World War 1 debts because the German economy was too weak after World War 1 and the Great Depression
Germany gaining the power that it had in ancient times was not one of Hitler's reasons for becoming a great country
In a dictatorship- the head of the government has total authority
Benito Mussolini was dictator of Italy
On December 7, 1941, Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor
Which European country was not taken of by Germany in World War 2? Britain
In World War 2, Germany, Japan, and Italy were called the Axis Powers
Why did the US government ration certain goods during World War 2: so soldiers would have enough food and supplies
Which of the following industries began in the US during World War 2? synthetic rubber production
During World War 2 Japanese Americans volunteered to fight for the USA, were suspected of being spies, and had to live in relocation camps
A political philosophy in which power is given to a dictator and people's freedoms are denied fascism
Not taking sides in a conflict neutral
A person who is not in the military civilian
Money a bank or borrower pays for using someone's money interest
A political and economic system in which all industries, land, and businesses are owned by the government communism
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