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Grade 5

13 Colonies

Minuteman colonists who were ready to fight at a minute's notice
Militia military
Boycott don't buy
Allies on the same side
Conflict disagreements
Loyalists colonists who were loyal to the king and wanted to remain British subjects
Patriots colonist who wanted to be independent of the king
Repeal take back
Delegate representative
Traitor person who tries to overthrow a government
Revolution sudden or complete change
Stamp Act tax that said any printed material had to have a stamp on it
Quartering Act said colonists had to house soldiers and feed them
Boston Tea Party colonists dumped tea to protest paying tax on it
Boston Massacre killing of 5 colonists by British soldiers
Committee of Correspondence allowed colonists to spread news between them
Military advantages for the colonists on home land, wanted to win more
Military advantages fro the British better trained, weapons, paid soldiers
Intolerable Acts British punished colonists by taking away their rights
Proclamation of 1763 colonists not allowed to move west of the Appalachian Mountains
Common Sense (The Pamphlet) booklet by Thomas Paine arguing for independence
Another name for colonist's army wanted king to repeal the Intolerable Acts
Main author of Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Who fought in the French and Indian War? The French (and Native Americans) against the British
What does "boycott" means? to not buy goods
How did the British plan to pay for the French and Indian War? by taxing the colonists
What did the colonists do to try and avoid paying taxes on British goods? brought in goods secretly
What does "repeal" mean? do away with
What did the British do after the Boston Tea Party? closed the harbors
How did other colonies help the people of Boston? gave them food, money , supplies
What was the "Stamp Act"? printed material had to have a stamp on it to prove that a tax was payed
What did the Committee of Correspondence do? spread news to colonists
What were Militias? groups of volunteer soldiers
Who were Minutemen? armed soldiers who were ready at a minute's notice
Who were Loyalists? colonist who wanted to remain part of Britain
Who were Patriots? colonists who wanted to be free of British rule
Who are Allies? people on the same side
Who were Neutralists? people who did not feel strongly about the colonies staying with Britain or being free
What did the "Proclamation of 1763" say? that colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains
Who are delegates? representatives
What was the "Tea Act"? put a heavy tax on tea
What did the "First Continental Congress" do? tried to get Britain to repel the "Intolerable Acts"
How did the British enforce the "Intolerable Acts"? they could search colonists houses without permission
What did the colonists hope to do after the French and Indian War? move westward
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