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6th SS - Chap 5

6th grade social studies - charter 5 Vocab

The King of England gave the Puritans a ________ to start the Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter
The Puritan leaders were strict rulers who did not allow any ______, or disagreement. Dissent
It was common for the leaders to _______ people who did not agree with them. Expel
Expelled minister, Roger Williams started a new settlement b asked on the ______ of the settlers. Consent
When Anne Hutchinson questioned their teachings, the leaders charged her with ________. Sedition
At _________ the Puritans voted on laws and elected leaders. Town meetings
To meet their economic needs, the Puritans would _______ with each other. Barter
Only free white ____ who owned property could vote. Men
They all shared the ______, which was used for grazing sheep, cattle and other livestock. Common
They also shared in the belief that learning to read was important, so the Puritans founded ___________. Harvard College
New England colonists created a ____________ economy in which people re free to compete in business and set different prices for goods and services. Free Market
The region's _______ include logging and fishing. Industries
Some logs were used to make the ______ needed to build ships. Navel Stores
_______included furs, lumber, grain, whale oil and dried fish. Exports
Most _______, or good brought into the colonies, were English-made. Imports
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