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Colonial Life

Unit 1 Colonization & Colonization Life VUS.2-3

What religious group settled in the New England Colonies? Puritans
What are the 4 New England colonies? Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire
What was the Mayflower Compact? An agreement signed aboard the Mayflower by male Puritans that established the first self-government plan in the English colonies
Why did the Puritans come to the New World? Seeking freedom from religious persecution
What is a covenant community? a society based on religious values
What type of government did the Puritans use in New England Direct Democracy
Where did Puritans practice Direct Democracy? Town Meetings
What 3 European groups settled in the Middle Colonies? English, Dutch, German
What were English noblemen who were granted large tracts of land in Virginia called? Cavaliers
Where in Virginia did many poor Englishmen settle? Shenandoah Valley
What is an indentured servant Colonist who agreed to work for a master for 4-7 years in exchange for payment of their passage to America
Where was the first permanent English settlement in North America? Jamestown in 1607
What was the first elected assembly (lawmaking body) in the New World? Virginia House of Burgesses
What became the name of the House of Burgesses after colonial independence? Virginia General Assembly
What regions of the New World did the Spanish explore and settle Caribbean Sea, Central and South America
How did colonization affect Native Americans? Disease and loss of land
What major idea did Native Americans and European colonists disagree over? Land ownership
Why did the French colonize in the New World? Fish, Fur and Northwest Passage
What were the 3 regions of English settlement along the Atlantic coast? New England, Middle, and Southern colonies
What was the economic basis of the New England colonies? Subsistence farming, lumbering, fishing, shipbuilding, trade
What was the economic basis of the Middle Colonies? small scale farming, shipbuilding, trade
What was the economic basis of the tidewater region of the Southern Colonies? Cash crop plantation farming
What were the 3 cash crops grown in the Southern Colonies Tobacco, Rice, Indigo
What was the economic basis of the Appalachian region of the southern colonies? subsistence farming, hunting, trade
What were the 4 Middle Colonies? New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
What were the two important seaport trade centers in the Middle Colonies? New York, Philadelphia
Where and when did the African slaves arrive in colonial America? Jamestown in 1619
What was the voyage of slaves from Africa to America called? The Middle Passage
What 2 types of labor systems did Southern plantations use? indentured servants, African slaves
What New England religion was intolerant of all other religions Puritan
What colony was founded by religious dissenters fleeing Puritan Massachusetts? Rhode Island
Which colony was settled by Quakers? Pennsylvania
Which colony was settled by Presbyterians? New Jersey
Which colony was settled by Huguenots and Jews? New York
Which colony was settled by Catholics seeking refuge? Maryland
What formed the basis of the social structure in the Southern Colonies? Family status and land ownership
Who dominated the colonial government and society in the Southern Colonies? Large landowners (Planter Elites)
What religious movement swept Europe and the American colonies during the mid-1700s? The Great Awakening
What 2 Protestant denominations grew rapidly in the American colonies as a result of religious revivals during the Great Awakening? Methodists, Baptists
What joint-stock company was responsible for the settlement at Jamestown The Virginia Company of London
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