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American History

semester 1 final

What was the name of the first European colonies in America? Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Plymouth.
What modivated European exploration? To find a new trading route to Asia.
What are Indentured Servants? An individual who contract to work for a specified number of years in exchange for food, clothing, and shelter.
What was the main cause of the French and Indian War? The French and British were both interested in the Ohio River valley.
What was the result of the French and Indian war? The French and Indian war ended with the Treaty of Paris.
What is the Sugar Act? Raised tax rates on imports of raw sugar.
What is the Currancy Act? It banned the use of paper money in the colonies.
What is the Stamp Act? It taxed most printed materials.
What is the Revenue Act? Put new custom duties on glass, lead, paper, and tea imported by the colonies.
What are the 4 MAIN causes of World War 1? Materialism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism.
Who is part of the Allied Powers? Serbia, Russia, France, Italy, Belgium, United states, Britain.
Who is part of the Central powers? Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire.
What is Imperialism? One nation controls a smaller nations government and economy.
What were the main motivators of Imperialism? Economic, Political, and Cultural.
What is Nativism? Hostility toward immigrants.
What is the Caucus System? A system in which members of a political party meet to choose their party's candidate for president or decide a policy.
What is the Spoils System? The practice of handing out government jobs to supporters, replacing government officials with winning candidates supporters.
What is the Task System? A method of organizing enslaved labor in which workers were given a specific set of jobs to accomplish everyday.
What is the Free Enterprise System? Private owned business have the freedom to operate for a profit with limited government intervention.
What is a Revenue Tariff? A tax on imports, purpose to raise money.
What is a Protective Tariff? A tax on Imports, to protect American Manufacturers.
What does Temperance mean? Moderation in or abstinence from consuming alcohol.
What does Emancipation mean? The act or process of freeing enslaved people.
What does Political Machine mean? An organization linked to a political party that often controlled local government.
What does Philanthropy mean? Providing money to support humanitarian or social goals.
What does Americanization mean? The process of acquiring or causing a person to acquire American traits and characteristics.
What does Graduated Income Tax mean? A tax based on net income of an individual or business.
What does Protectorate mean? A country that is technically independent but is actually under the control of another country.
What does Autonomy mean? The quality of or state of being self-governing.
What does Jingoism mean? Extreme nationalism marked by aggressive foreign policy.
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