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Chapter 10 History

Growth and Expansion

True or False - A period in history when many people left their homes and farms to work in mills is called the Industrial Revolution. True
True or False- New England states offered ideal conditions for farming. False
True or False- A patent gives a person legal rights regarding their invention. True
True or False- The Second Bank of the United States had the power to establish a national currency True
True or False- Libraries, museums, and a variety of shops were available in the countryside. False
The Industrial Revolution could not have taken place without new machines and New technology
A significant development in the way goods were made was the Factory system
Who developed the system of interchangeable parts Eli Whitney
Cotton production increased with the help of the cotton gin
Many new industrial towns developed along rivers and streams
Money for investment Capital
Shares of ownership in a company Stock
Invented the cotton gin Eli Whitney
Launched factory system in United States Francis Cabot Lowell
Factory Workers Lowell Girls
Which road connected Ohio with the East National Road
Pioneers tended to settle with other from their home communities along great rivers
Which of these contributed greatly to the growth of river cities such as Cincinnati Steamboats
The first wave of western settlement began before the 1790s
Named after a cloth, roads consisting of logs laid side by side were called corduroy roads
The first census of the United States was taken in 1790
______ engines were used to power boats. steam
New York City to Buffalo is ________ miles 363
Pioneer women in the West would get together for _______ parties sewing or quilting
There are a series of _____ along the Erie Canal locks
Toll roads turnpikes
Artificial waterway canal
Designed the Clermont Robert Fulton
Planned the Erie Canal De Witt Clinton
Official count the population Census
True or False- In 1822, Brazil gained its independence peacefully True
True or False- Daniel Webster became known as the national leader who tried to resolve the sectional disputes. False
True or False- James Monroe faced many Federalist opponents during the 1816 presidential election False
True or False- An agreement in 1818 set the official boundary between the United States and Canada at the 49th Parallel True
Northerners opposed slavery True
As political differences began to fade away, a Boston newspaper called these years the Era of Good Feelings
The balance between the North and the South was preserved by the Missouri Compromise
The period of national harmony ended because of regional differences
What statement stopped the colonization of the American by Europeans? Monroe Doctrine
March 4, 1817, was the inaugural date of President James Monroe
Advocate of states' right John C. Calhoun
Loyalty to a region Sectionalism
Removal of Weapons Disarmament
Internal Improvements Federal projects
Great orator who spoke against sectionalism Daniel Webster
Changed how people worked Industrial Revolution
Gives legal right to inventions Patent
Made British goods more expensive Tariff of 1816
James Monroe's secretary of state John Quincy Adams
Invaded Spanish East Florida in 1818 Andrew Jackson
The changes the way goods were made in the mid-1700s first appeared in Britain
America's Industrial Revolution began to take root in New England
Who invented the cotton gin Eli Whitney
The major elements of free enterprise are competition, economic freedom, private property and profit
The National Road went as far west as Vandalia, Illinois
Pioneers usually migrated west as families
Who believed high tariffs raised the prices of manufactured goods John C. Calhoun
What called for a tariff to stimulate growth of American industries American System
What agreement set the official border between Canada and the United States? Convention of 1818
An example of the United States "military strength" is the Adams-Onis Treaty
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