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Pennsylvania People

A review of famous Pennsylvanians

First to drill for oil in the United States at Titusville, PA. His well was widely copied. Edwin Drake
Obtained French support to help the colonists defeat the British in the American Revolution. Also the oldest delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Benjamin Franklin
Delivered the Gettysburg Address for the dedication ceremony of the cemetary. Abraham Lincoln
founder of the colony; Quaker; maintained peace with natives; forerunner of democratic ideals such as freedom of religion and education. William Penn
Writer of Standard Oil Company that criticized the oil industry and big business Ida Tarbell
Involved in the first shots fired in the French and Indian War; later commander of the Continental Army during the Revolution; President; led an army to put down the Whiskey Rebellion George Washington
Pennsylvania General during the Revolution; lost many men at the Paoli Massacre. Anthony Wayne
Writer of Silent Spring; resulted in the banning of DDT pesticide; creation of the Environmental Protection Agency; and the start of the Environmental Movement. Rachel Carson
Rags to riches story; began working as a bobbin boy and eventually started his own steel company; sold it and became one of the richest men in America; philanthropist Andrew Carnegie
Ottawa leader who led a rebellion which overtook several British forts after the French and Indian War Chief Pontiac
Carried pitchers of water to soldiers during the Revolution and even took control of a large gun during a battle Molly Pitcher
created with creating the first American flag Betsy Ross
Turned the soldiers at Valley Forge into a formidable fighting machine. Baron von Steuben
Fries Rebellion, aka the Hot Water Rebellion; Led a rebellion in eastern Pennsylvania over new taxes imposed on the number of windows on a house. Sentenced to hang, he was later pardoned by the president. John Fries
produced the first widely used steamboat Robert Fulton
invented steel cables which led to the creation of suspension bridges able to span much longer distances; designed the Brooklyn Bridge John Roebling
first and only president ever elected from the state of Pennsylvania; said the North was responsible for tensions with the South over slavery James Buchanan
General of the Union Army; from PA; fired by Lincoln after a poor showing at the battle of Antietam; later runs as a Democrat against Lincoln for the presidency George McClellan
General from PA; led the Union Army at the Battle of Gettysburg; crticized for not pursuing the Confederates after the battle (could have ended the war a lot sooner) George Meade
creator of one of the top selling food brands in the country; slogan is "57 varieties". Henry Heinz
first plant was built in Sunbury, PA; it was here that the first building was ever lit by electricity Thomas Edison
created a chocolate empire Milton Hershey
Invented air brakes used on the railroads; also developed a better electric current system called AC, or alternating current George Westinghouse
Group of Irish miners murdered mine superintendents and managers. Twenty members were sentenced to death. Molly McGuires
Native American who went to the Carlisle boarding school and later became a professional football player and major league baseball Jim Thorpe
president of the US during the Great Depression; instituted the New Deal; later president during World War II Franklin Delano Roosevelt FDR
Catalogued the birds of North America, with thousands of illustrated paintings. John Audubon
great Seneca chief in the late 1700s; he persuaded his tribe to accept the new American government; US government gave him a tract of land in northwestern PA which lasted until the government took back the land to build a dam in 1964. Cornplanter
French & Indian War; launched an ill-fated expedition to capture Fort Duquense; ambushed by the Indians and killed Edward Braddock
King of England during the American Revolution; the Declaration of Independence was written to him King George III
writer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
congressman from PA; added a proviso to a bill saying that all territory acquired from the Mexican War would not be allowed to have slaves; sparked the slavery debate in American that eventually results in the Civil War. David Wilmot
radical politican and abolitionsit from PA during the Civil War; wanted to punish the South after the war and confiscate all plantations and redistribute the land to former slaves. Thaddeus Stevens
only civilian killed during the Civil War Jenny Wade
served as Secretary of War under President Lincoln during the Civil War Simon Cameron
Bellefonte native and governor of PA during the Civil War Andrew Curtain
Southern general who led a frontal assault against the Union center on the third day of the battle of Gettysburg; over 1/2 his men were casualties George Pickett
founded the Gulf Oil Company in Pittsburgh William Mellon
secret organization of Irish coal miners who threatened and intimated their bosses for better working conditions; leaders charged with murder and sentenced to death Molly MacGuires
Major General of the Union Army during the Civil War; later President of the US Ulysses S. Grant
suffragist who read the Declaration of the Rights of Women on the steps of Independence Hall in 1876 Susan B. Anthony
surveyors who settled the boundary dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania with the creation of the Mason-Dixon Line; eventually become synonmous with the separation of free and slaves states Mason & Dixon
Created by: mist73lee
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