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Soccer Ref re-cert

R9 & R8 2017

Every time an attacker is in an offside position but not involved with active play, should the assistant referee signal by raising the flag vertically with the right hand after making eye contact with the referee? No
Which of the following is not one of the powers or duties of the referee? Provides medical treatment to an injured player.
From a corner kick, the ball goes directly into the opponent’s goal without being touched by another player. What is the correct restart? Kick-off
The goalkeeper, after catching the ball, goes completely out of the penalty area into the penalty arc area with the ball still in his or her hands. How should the referee restart play? Direct free kick
At a dropped ball, the ball touches the ground and then a player kicks it directly into the opponent’s goal. How should the referee restart the game? Goal kick
The ref stops play when the assist. ref raises the flag and gives it a slight wave. Once the whistle sounds, the assistant ref first holds the flag across the lower body and then walks quickly to the corner flag post. What has the assistant ref indicated? Penalty kick
The ball completely crosses over the touch line, between the halfway line and the assistant referee. Should the assistant referee signal with the flag at 45 degrees above the field in the direction of the throw-in? Yes
From a corner kick, the ball curves in the air and completely crosses the goal line outside the field of play. The ball then returns into the playing field, and is kicked into the goal. What is the correct restart? Goal kick
Can the referee allow a team in a competitive youth game to play without a goalkeeper? No, each team must have a goalkeeper
The referee sees the ball enter the goal. The assistant referee makes eye contact with the referee and then sprints up the touch line towards the halfway line. What has the assistant referee indicated? The goal scored was legal
If a tripping offense is committed on the line of the penalty area by a defending player, what is the correct restart? Penalty kick
When is the ball in play at the taking of a kick-off? When it is kicked and moves
A player in an offside position is only penalized for an offside offense if ______. He or she is involved in active play
An attacking player, in an offside position, receives the ball directly from a teammate’s indirect free kick. Is the player guilty of an offside offense? Yes
An attacking player, in an offside position, receives the ball directly from a teammate’s goal kick. Is the player guilty of an offside offense? No
An attacking player, in an offside position, receives the ball from a teammate’s pass after it bounces off the leg of a defender who did not move. Is the player guilty of an offside offense? Yes
The ball, last touched by a defending player, completely passes over the goal line for a corner kick. How should the assistant referee signal? Point the flag 45 degrees downward in the direction of the corner flag
When is the ball in play from a dropped ball? When the ball touches the ground
The recommended position for an assistant referee during play is which of the following? Even with the ball or the second to last defender, depending on which is closer to the goal line
A player tackles an opponent with excessive force, endangering the safety of the opponent. What action should the referee take? Send off and show the guilty player a red card
At the taking of a free kick, an opponent who is less than ten yards from the ball fails to respect the required distance by advancing or lunging toward the ball and blocks the kick. What action should the referee take? The player should be cautioned and the kick should be retaken
The referee has decided to add 2 minutes to the end of the first half. The decision should be based on which of the following? Substitutions, injuries, medical or water breaks, and time wasting
A penalty kick is awarded. Can any player on the fouled team take the kick, including the goalkeeper? Yes
If the ball passes out of the field across the assistant referee's end of a touch line and immediately returns to the field, and play continues, the assistant referee should signal by doing which of the following? Raise the flag vertically in the hand that is going to be used to signal and then after the referee stops play, signal with the flag 45 degrees upward in the direction of the restart
With the ball not within playing distance, a defender impedes the progress of an opponent inside the defender's penalty area without making any contact. How should the referee restart play? Indirect free kick
Created by: shannonbacha
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