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VS 9

People and 20th Century

Who was Virginia's first African American governor? Doug Wilder
Who was the first African American woman bank president? Maggie Walker
What was discovered in Tazewell County? coal
Who was a famous Virginian that played tennis? Arthur Ashe
What transportation lead to the growth of small towns? railroads
Who was a governor of our state as well as a senator that opposed integration of schools? Harry Byrd
What do we call the abolishment of racial segregation? desegregation
What do we call it when you owe a lot of people money? debt
If you buy a good or service now but pay for it later, you are buying on _________ . credit
Harry F Byrd did not want Virginia to be in debt. He started a policy called _____________________. pay as you go
What movement helped African Americans get the rights that they deserved? Civil
What movement was lead by Harry F Byrd of Virginia? Massive resisitance
In the 20th century, Virginia became more ____________ . There was less agriculture and more factories. industrial
This man was a soldier in the World Wars. He came up with a plan for peace in Europe. George Marshall
This man was elected Governor of Virginia in 1970. He promoted racial integration and sent his kids to all black schools to prove it. Linwood Holton
This man was a lawyer. He worked with Thurgood Marshall on the case Brown vs the Board of Education. Oliver Hill
This region is known for poultry products. Valley and Ridge
When people come from other places in the world to visit Virginia's attractions, we call them ___________ . tourists
He was a Virginian who became President of the USA and promoted World Peace. Woodrow Wilson
Bob McDonnell our current Governor is head of this branch of our state government. executive
This is the branch of government that evaluates laws to determine if they are fair or not. judicial
This branch of government consists of the House of Delegates and the Senate. legislative
Who is the person that is responsible for making sure that Virginia's laws are carried out? governor
In the 20th century, people began to look for jobs other than farming because _______were low. They moved to cities. crop prices
In the late 20th century and the 21st Century, Northern Virginia and Tidewater areas have grown due to __________________ . technology
Who was elected to be the Governor of Virginia and was the first African American to be elected governor in the whole USA? Doug Wilder
The judicial branch of government is the state _________ system. court
In Virginia, the General Assemby consists of the Senate and the House of ____________. delegates
The judicial branch deals with people accused of _____________ the law. breaking
If you want a voice in our state government, you should make sure to vote for your delegate and _____________________ that work in the legislative branch. senator
Created by: mrstompkins
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