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American Revolution


What were the problems that started the Revolution? The settlers in the new country thought the British laws were too unfair
Why did people travel to the new country?(USA) Wanted more land, freedom, riches, religion of choice, just to start over
What were the 13 original colonies?
What is a TAX? an extra amount of money to be paid for goods
What is a loyalist? They wished to remain loyal to King George II They did not want to protest or go to war against Parliament.
What is a patriot? A person who feels strongly for their country and is willing to fight and go to war for it. They organized rally's, protests, and boycotts.
What were some examples of acts patriots took to spread the word and STOP parliament? Stamp act, Boston Tea Party, Sugar act
What are the four parts of the Deceleration of Indepedance Deceleration of natural rights, Bill of Indictment,Preamble, and Statement of Independance
Give as many details as to when the war started?(ex. where, when, who ext.) It started in 1775 (April) between British soldiers and Massachusetts farmers. This battle was called The Battle of Lexington
What happened in 1775? Sugar act
What happened in 1773? Tea act and Boston Tea party
What happened in 1776, on July 4th? The Deceleration of Independence was adopted
What happened in 1775? The first shots of the war took place
What happened in 1765? The stamp act
Which side are you on? Are you a loyalist or a patriot? Use at least 3 pieces of evidence and a claim to support your side
Created by: ro1234