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Reform Test Review

Social Studies 8- Gambitta/Root

Spoils System The system where one gets a government job based on WHO one knows.
Merit System The system where one gets a government job based on WHAT one knows.
Civil Service Government jobs. Not military or elected positions.
Civil Service Commission Government organization created to fill government jobs with qualified people. Created to end the spoils system.
Civil Service Exam Test to determine the person most qualified for a government job.
muckraker investigative reporters who exposed corruption
Jacob Riis Exposed corruption in city slums (tenements) and the poor in NYC. Wrote the book, How the Other Half Lives.
Upton Sinclair Exposed corruption in the meatpacking industry. Wrote the book, The Jungle.
Thomas Nast Exposed corruption of Boss Tweed in NYC with his political cartoons.
What was the result of Jabob Riis' book? Reform in city slums.
Ida Tarbell Exposed unfair business practices oil industry and John D. Rockefeller.
Susan B. Anthony Suffragist. Fought for women's right to vote.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Suffragist. Fought for women's right to vote.
suffragist someone who fights for the right to vote
19th Amendment Passed by Congress in 1920. Gives women the right to vote
18th Amendment Passsed by Congress in 1917. Made alcohol illegal. This is known as Prohibition.
Seneca Falls, NY Birthplace of the women's rights movement.
Temperance Movement Movement to try to stop the sale and consumption of alcohol. Alcohol was a threat to families and society.
Prohibition Known as the Noble Experiment. Lasted from 1920-1933
21st Amendment Repeals the 18th Amendment. Allows for the sale and consumption of alcohol.
What was the result of Upton Sinclair's book, The Jungle? Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed into law.
Nellie Bly undercover investigative reporter who exposed the unfair treatment of the mentally ill.
Jane Addams opened the Hull House, the first settlement house, to improve the lives of the poor and immigrants.
Lewis Hine Exposed unfair child labor in the U.S by his pictures.
What was the result of Lewis Hine's child labor pictures? Child labor laws and education laws were passed to protect children.
Boss Tweed One of the most corrupt men in the history of NYC
One goal of the progressive reformers was to: correct injustices in American society
Prohibition Time period when alcohol was illegal
Booker T. Washington Founded the Tuskegee Institute
Pure Food and Drug Act Law that required food and drug makers to list all ingredients in foods and medicines.
Created by: carozza