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Stack #2410844

what was the Northwest Passage? A water route across North America
What were some of the reasons jamestown almost failing? Bad location, poor leadership, starvation, unrealistic expectations
What was the main reason that the virginia colony survived? They began growing tobacco for sale
Why did the Puritans come to new england? To escape religious persecution
How did the English settlements affect Native American? It threatened their way of life
What caused King Philips War? The Algonquin Indians wanted to drive the English out of North America
What colonies made up the southern colonies? Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, Georgia
What group of people settled New York first? Dutch
What did the colonies provide for New England? The supplied England with raw materials and bought the English goods
How did England policy of Salutary Neglect benefit the colonists? Allowed the colonies economic freedom
What was the Great Awakening? A series of religious revivals in the colonies
What area was the first to promote public education? New England colonies
Where did slaves work in Virginia and Maryland? In tobacco fields
What was the function of the colony under the mercantilist system? To provide raw materials
What were the roles of women in the colonies? Keep the household running smoothly
In what colonies were the European and African cultures blended? Virginia and Maryland
Why did the slaves rebel? Because of the harsh laws controlling the African American’s activities
Why did Native Americans move west? Because the colonists kept moving west
What groups were interested in the Ohio River Valley? The British wanted the area but the French and Indians were there as well
Why was there a religious revival (Great Awakening)? Because the colonists lacked faith
Bacon’s Rebellion- Nathaniel Bacon leads an army to help rescue some western settler who were attacked by Indians. Bacon’s army later burns down Jamestown and controls most of Virginia.
House of Burgesses- The legislature in the Virginia Colony
Great Migration- The mass influx of immigrants from Europe to the American colonies
Mayflower Compact- A set of laws that the Pilgrims came up with to govern themselves by.
Pequot War- The Pequot Indians of Connecticut attacked the local settlers. The settlers responded by killing all but a handful of the Pequots.
Puritan- Settlers in the New England colonies who left England for religious freedom
Great Awakening- A series of mass revivals throughout the colonies in an effort to get people focused back on God.
Created by: kelseyleigh