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U.S. Key Terms

Visions of America - Colonial

Headright An incentive system to encourage additional immigrants by giving 50 acres to any man who would pay his own fare to Virginia and 50 additional acres for each person brought with him.
Proprietor This English legal title carried with it's enormous political power, giving its possessor almost king-like authority over his domains. Colonial proprietors carried similar powers.
Quakers The Society of Friends, who believed each individual possessed a divine spark of grace, an inner light that could lead to salvation.
Restoration In 1660 Charles II became king of England, restoring his monarchy to power after the Civil War and Cromwellian rule.
Bacon's Rebellion A popular uprising in Virginia in 1676 named after it's leader, Nathaniel Bacon.
Glorious Revolution The relatively bloodless revolutionthat led to the ascension of William and Mary, which was widely seen as a vindication for English liberty.
Whigs (English 17th Century) The group that supported parliamentary power after the Glorious Revolution.
Mercantilism Theory of empire that advocated strict regulation of trade between colonies and the mother country to benefit the latter.
Define Anglicization and give an example of an aspect of colonial life transfored by this process. American society underwent a process of Anglicization as colonists emulated English society, including it's tastes in furniture, foods, clothing, and customs.
Why did new pieces of furniture like drop-leaf bookcases become popular in the eighteenth century? The rising popularity of writing desks and drop-leaf bookcases with writing surfaces reflected the expansion of trade networks in the British Empire.
What was the Newtonian view of the universe? Rather than looking primarily to the invisible world of the supernatural, Newtonianism focused on the visible world of nature, which functioned according to the rules discerned by observation and interpreted by reason.
What aspects of the Great Awakening encouraged democratization? By giving a voice to many groups previously excluded from traditional preaching.
Why was Moravian art so helpful to missionaries interested in converting American Indians? The Moravians were Lutherans and embraced art as a means of promoting the gospels.
How did slaves resist the authority of their masters? Stealing, shirking responsibility, feigning illness, or breaking tools.
What evidence exists for the persistance of African cultural traits among American slaves? Slaves drew on African traditions in shaping distinctive music and dance forms, which provided an outlet for cultural expression.
Which region of colonial America was the most culturally diverse? The mid-Atlantic (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware) was the most ethnically diverse region in the colonies.
What made the middle ground a distinctive region of colonial America? Furthur west in the Great Lakes region, France, not Britain, was the dominant power. Here the French and Indians created a middle ground where the Indians traded furs for guns, metal tools, and cloth.
Why did Americans believe Washington was the modern Cincinnatus? It was an allusion to the ancient world's great symbol of public virtue, the Roman general Cincinnatus.
Why was education so important to the Founders of the American Republic? Supporters of Enlightenment ideas such as Rush and Jefferson believed that education would help nurture the virtue necessary for the survival of republicanism.
What diplomatic frustrations hampered the new American nation? The new nation faced military challenges, Relations with Indian tribes remained tense, and frustration with the inability to defend it's interests on the high seas.
What were the main features of the Virginia Plan? The Virginia Plan created a new government composed of a single executive, a two-house legislature, and a separate judiciary
How does The Looking Glass for 1787 portray the Anti-Federalists? Federalists denounced their opponents as Shaysites.
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