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lms history

mrs. t's 5.1-5.2 washington and start political parties

the judiciary act of 1789 established the - state-level supreme courts that were aligned to the federal courts
president george washington set an important precedent by - not seeking reelection after two terms as president
president george washington's decision to deploy the state militia to put down the whiskey rebellion demonstrated that - the newly established national government intended to enforce federal laws
alexander hamilton's financial plan of taxation and protective tariffs helped to establish the credit of the united states government by - providing for the payment of the nation's debt
which issue did washington describe as a threat to democracy in his farewell address? the division of government power into political parties
what was the MOST important issue dividing the first political parties in the united states? strong versus weak federal government
washington wanted the united states to follow what involving foreign countries? non involvement
good rivers for power and transportation, abundant mineral resources, and having an advocate in alexander hamilton, are all parts of reasons for the development of free enterprise
one effect of the first bank of the united states formed under george washington's presidency was - the state debt was assumed, and the nation was put on firm financial footing
the constitutional convention of 1787 was called primarily because - the national government needed additional power
what best describes the primary difference between the house of representatives and the mayflower compact? the mayflower compact established government by social contract
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