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9th grade civics

chapter 13 civics

chief of state the ceremonial head of the government of the U.S.
chief diplomat the main architect of American policy and the nations chief spokesperson
presidential succession the scheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled
balance the ticket someone who can strengthen the chance of being elected by virtue
electoral college group of people chosen from each state to formally select the president and Vice president
national conventions the meetings at which the delegates vote to pick their presidential and vice presidential
platform formal statement of basic principles, stands on major political matters
winner take all the winning candidate customarily received all the states electoral votes
district plan the electors would be chosen in each state in the same way as members of congress
proportional plan each presidential candidate would receive the same share of a states electoral vote
district popular election it would support the democratic deal ideal
electorate the people entitled to vote
national bonus plan a national pool of 102 electoral, votes be awarded
presidential primary express a preference among various contenders for their party's presidential nomination
chief executive vested by the constitution with the executive power of the U.S.
chief administrator the director of the huge executive branch of the federal government
chief legislator the presidential initiates, suggest, requests, insists, and demands that congress enact
chief of party the acknowledged leader of the political party that controls the executive branch
chief citizen expected to be the representative of all the people
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