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Lit philosophies

Sara's 15 lit high priority philosophies

Existentialism Philosophy created around search for meaning in life, pioneered by Camus
Accommodation Describes British elite's compromising with Hitler at the start of the war
Communism Left-wing ideology; calls for the state to have ultimate control over property
Crisis of representation Describes authors inability to communicate destruction
Ennui Bored, apathetic, numb outlook on life
Fascism Right-wing authoritarian movement that first took hold in Italy in the 1930s
Gnosticism and Manicheanism Religions based off of a struggle between light and dark; represented with sparks
Humanism Belief in everyone's fundamental humanity; describes Seghers core ideals
Revanchist Political attitude seeking to reclaim lands previously lost; popular in 1930s Germany
Pacifism Belief that conflicts should be solved peacefully than through war
Total war War that affects all facets of society and does not separate civilian and military
Patriarchy Systematic oppression of women
Totalitarianism Single Party political system where government has ultimate power over life
Nationalism Extreme patriotism; believing that ones country is superior to all others
Anti-Semitism Hatred of Jews
Created by: JCCAcaDeca2017
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