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Lit Terms

Sara's 15 high priority lit terms

Analepsis A flashback, a recounting of events before the narrative began
Antihero Protagonist who defies conventional ideas of heroism (bravery,honesty, etc.)
Apostrophe Addressing an idea, object, or a person not present in a speech
Full rhyme Rhyme with identical sounds (cat & bat)
Foil Character whose traits contast another's
Framed narrative Main story occurs in another story
Leitmotif Principal motif in literary work
Madonna complex Freudian principle stating women are either saints or debased femme fatales
Eros/Thanatos Two Freudian ideas, Eros refers to the "life drive" and Thanatos is the "death drive"
Metafiction Fiction about the values, tropes, and conventions held in fictional writing
Montage Narrative that jumps between perspectives and times; popularized by John Dos Passos
Mystic Method Modernist literary style that combines ancient myths and contemporary society
Pararhyme Half-rhyme, consonant sounds the same but vowel sounds differ (light-late)
Prolepses Flash-foreword; opposite of analepsis
Social realism Literary style that strives to accurately portray social issues realistically
Unreliable narrator Narrator whose statements are not completely honest or accurate
Created by: JCCAcaDeca2017
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