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History Chapter 8

Bowman's 01/10/17

What is Chapter 8 revolved around? The Reform, not Reformation.
Who inspired the Second Great Awakening? Preacher Finney
What was the religious movement that spread throughout the United States? The Second Great Awakening
What is a gathering to awaken religious faith? Revival
What was a political, social, and cultural place for African-Americans? African-American Episcopal Church, or AME
Who led the group practicing transcendentalism? Ralph Waldo Emerson
Who wrote a book and puts self-reliance into practice? Henry David Thoreau
What is a perfect society? A Utopia
Who worked tirelessly to make sure jails and mentally ill had improved conditions? Dorothea Dix
Who establishes teacher training, and makes curriculum reform? (Hint: Horse Man) Horace Mann, AKA HORSE MAN
Who founded New England and American Anti-Slavery Society? William Lloyd Garrison
Who advised blacks to fight for freedom, not wait for it? David Walker
Who was a slave, but escaped and became a successful writer for freedom? Frederick Douglass
What preacher led a slave rebellion, where 60 whites were killed? Nat Turner
What time period is this chapter set in? Antebellum
What was a literary and philosophical movement that emphasized a simple life? Transcendentalism
What was a movement that stressed reason and appealed to conscience in religion? Unitarianism
What communities share goods and believed men and women were equal? Shaker Communities
What is the freeing of slaves? Emancipation
Who wrote the North Star? Frederick Douglass
Describe urban slavery. Demand in southern cities for skilled black slaves, enslaved blacks can hire themselves out as artisans, slave owners hire out their workers to factory owners, treatment of slaves in cities less cruel than on plantations.
How many were killed in Turner's Rebellion? 200 in retaliation to being imprisoned; 60 whites
What debate ended slavery in the antebellum period? The Virginia Debate
What did Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott form? Women’s Rights Society.
Who are Sarah and Angelina Grimké? Women who work for abolition (daughters of southern slave owners)
Who is Elizabeth Blackwell? A doctor who opens clinic for women, children.
Who is Catharine Beecher? Created a national survey that found most women unhealthy.
Who is Amelia Bloomer? A woman who rebelled and created pants that most women liked.
Created by: claire0
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