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French & Indian War

massacre the killing of many people
militia a group of ordinary people who train for battle
quarter to give people food and shelter
Patriot a colonist who opposed British rule
economics the decisions we make with our limited resources
minutemen militia with special training
smuggle to import goods legally
delegate someone chosen to speak and act for others
boycott a refusal to buy, sell, or use goods
liberty freedom from being controlled by another government
correspondence written communication
proclamation an official public statement
ally a person or group that joins with another to work toward a goal
protest an event at which people complain about an issue
congress a group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject
repeal to cancel a law
mercenary a professional soldier who serves a foreign country
rebellion a fight against a government
petition a written request from a number of people
Loyalist a colonist who did not want independence from Britain
free enterprise system also known as capitalism, the idea that people are free to decide what to do with our limited resources
Parliament the name of the British lawmaking body
No Taxation Without Representation Colonists argument for why they should not have to pay taxes to Britain
Navigation Acts British laws that forced colonies to trade with Britain
Ohio River Valley control of this land led to the French and Indian War
mercantilism the idea that colonies exist to serve the mother country
colony a group of people who settle in another land but stay loyal to the mother country
Albany Plan of Union Benjamin Franklin's plan to get the colonies to agree to work together to defend themselves (snake image)
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