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World Geograhpy

What is the Western part of Russia called? Eastern? European Russia, Siberia
How many people live in the region? 283 million people
Who was the 1st Czar of Russia? Ivan
Who was the most famous Czar? Peter the Great
What percent of oil dose the Arabian Peninsula supply? 25%
What is the lowest place on Earth? The Dead Sea
Morocco has 2/3 of the world's what? phosphate
The hunters and gathers were the first to do what? Domesticate animals
What were the two groups of Muslims? Sunni and Shiite
What are Suq? Marketplace
Who was the founder of Muslim's? Muhammad
What are the 5 pillars of Islam? 1) One God, Allah, & Muhammad is his prophet 2) Gharity to the poor(alms)3) Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime4) 5 daily prayers facing Mecca5) Fasting during the month of Ramadan
What is the 2nd largest continent Africa
What is the highest mountain? Mount Kilimanjaro
What are escarpments Steep cliffs
The Zambezi River forms what? Victoria Fall
How many people live in the African region? 800 million people
Populatrion should double in less than how many years? 30 years
How many diffrent ethnic groups are in Africa 100
How many diffrent languages are in Africa? 800 lanuages
What is 2 cause of major hunger in Africa? Desertification and Civil War
What is the longest mountain range in the North Africa and Middle East Region? Atlas Mountain
How many people live in the North Africa Middle East region? 400 million people
Created by: DeonV