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13 Colonies Review

Unit review for the 13 colonies unit

The Mayflower Compact was? Agreement among Pilgrims to set up a government
Pennsylvania was settled by the Quakers
New settlements were started by people who Left Massachusetts Bay because... They were dissatisfied with the lack of religious freedom and they did not like the lack of participation in government
English claims in North America included..... The Atlantic-coast (East coast)
Which of the following was a representative assembly that made local laws for Jamestown? House of Burgesses
Colonies ruled by the king were known as? Royal colonies
Which English colony was founded first? Virginia
Which English colony was first settled by the Dutch? New York
Which colonies were started by people who left Massachusetts Bay? Rhode Island, Connecticut
Which English colony was founded last Georgia
Which was the first English Settlement? Roanoke Island
Which colony served as a second chance for debtors and a "buffer" with Florida? Georgia
Who broke away from the Massachusetts bay colony to start a new colony? Thomas Hooker, Roger Williams
Before landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, the Pilgrims wrote and signed the Mayflower Compact
Colonies ruled by friends of the king were known as... Proprietary colonies
Which group had very little rights or privileges? Women
The main reason most of the early settlers came to the colonies of Maryland,Mass.,Penn.,RI ? Seek religious freedom
Which of the following was not part of New England? New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Maine
Which of the following colonies is in the Middle Colonies? New Hampshire, West Virginia, New York, New Mexico New York
The nickname of the Middle Colonies The Bread Colonies
What was the major crop grown on the Middle colonies farms? Grain
The House of Burgesses was The first representative government in the English colonies
The Puritans were people who wanted to.... Purify the Church of England
The Separatists were people who wanted to... Separate from the Church of England
Maryland encouraged what in its colony Religious tolerance
roger williams wanted? church and state completely separate
William Penn wanted PA. was to be a model of religious freedom
People living in the 13 colonies adopted many of their principles of government from... England
I was the father of Pocahontas Powhatan
I was the first English born child in America Virginia Dare
Created by: mrusso1