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Franklin D. Roosevel

Study Guide

Where was Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) born? FDR was born in Hyde Park, New York.
Was Roosevelt`s family wealthy or poor? FDR was born into a wealthy family..
Who was FDR`s cousin? Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was FDR`s cousin.
Who was FDR`s hero and influenced him to get into politics? Teddy Roosevelt (FDR`s cousin) influenced him to get into politics and was his greatest hero.
Who did FDR marry that was also involved in improving the lives of others? Eleanor Roosevelt was FDR`s wife.
What illness struck Franklin Roosevelt when he was only 39 years old? Polio was the illness FDR fought with a positive attitude.
What is an obstacle? An obstacle is a challenge or event that can keep you from doing something. An example to think of is an obstacle course where you have get pass many things to complete the course.
What was FDR`s career before entering politics? FDR was a lawyer before entering into politics.
In 1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on what country? FDR declared war on Japan in 1941.
When did the USA join the war? The USA joined the war when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. He did not want to enter the war, but he wanted to end dictatorship in Europe.
What did Roosevelt do to help them fight the dictatorships of Germany and Italy? Roosevelt sent supplies to England and France to help them fight the dictatorship of Germany and Italy.
Roosevelt was President during what two big events in History? Roosevelt was President during the Great Depression and the Second World War.
FDR gave radio speeches called what? FDR gave radio speeches called Fireside Chats.
What did Fireside Chats explain? Fireside Chats explained how the government planned to help people through the Great Depression and to keep people positive about the future.
What was The New Deal? FDR`s plan to help people who had NO jobs.
What was the WPA (Works Progress Administration)? The WPA was a part of the New Deal program that provided jobs for people by building roads, parks and airports.
Who was responsible for bringing in Social Security and what is Social Security? Roosevelt was responsible for bringing in Social Security. Social Security provides a savings program for people in their older age.
How many times was FDR elected President? In 1944, President FDR was the first person to be elected FOUR times as President of the USA. He died before finishing the 4th term however.
Why did people NOT like The New Deal? People did not like the New Deal because FDR was more helpful with this plan than he was to people in labor.
When did FDR die? FDR died before WWII ended.
United Nations Was formed by FDR to meet with other world leaders to plan ways to prevent other wars from happening.
FDR was... not always successful, BUT he was DILIGENT. He never gave up.
What was the plan that FDR had that failed? The plan that FDR had that failed was when he tried to make the Supreme Court larger. He was still, however, a very successful and popular President despite his disability and having to use a wheelchair.
Liberty is... Freedom from being controlled by someone else.
Cooperate means... to work together with someone.
Democracy is... a government in which people have the power to make political decisions.
Dictatorship is... a country in which the ruler has complete power and sometimes rules cruelly.
Campaign time before an election when people running for office try to convince voters to vote for them.
Public Service is work for the good of others, often through a job in government
Disabled is having a condition that makes it difficult to do something.
Diligently means working hard for a long time.
Opponent is a person that runs against another in an election.
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