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Humanities 1010 RODP

Humanities 1010 RODP Module 5

When was the period known as the Dark Ages? The early middle ages, from about the late 700s to around 1140.
Who was Charlemagne? An emperor of the Roman Empire, crowned Christmas day 800.
Explain the feudal system The lesser rulers and landowners were tied to more prosperous/powerful ones all the way down to the lowest rung, who were the serfs.
What is the Great Chain of Being? Also known as scala naturae,it is the concept of the hierarchy of the universe with God at the top, angels right below him, with rocks being at the lowest end of the hierarchy.It explains an order to the universe.
Who was Alcuin of York? One of Charlemagne's first scholar/teachers, he developed a curriculum for schools that relied on logic and sense.
What was the Palace School of Aachen? Charlemagne put Alcuin of York in charge of this. Helped ignite the Carolingian renaissance of learning.
What were the seven liberal arts? Grammar, rhetoric, logic (dialectic), (these three comprised the trivium), and arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy (these four comprised the quadrivium). The combination of the trivium and quadrivium equaled a classical education.
What was text reform? Charlemagne's efforts to have scholars revise books, especially liturgical texts.
What is Benedictine monasticism and the Rule of St. Benedict? Based on a way of life for monks by Benedict of Nursia,Italy, it includes a balance of prayer, manual labor, and intellectual pursuits. They vowed poverty, chastity, & stability. Charlemagne had Alcuin impose it on monasteries in the Frankish kingdom.
Explain a monk's daily schedule It was determined by sunrise and sunset. Each hour had a prayer and activity to give order for every segment of the day.
What is Gregorian chant? Named for Pope Gregory the Great (540-604), it was codified in the 11th and 12th centuries. Each syllable of a word is given a single note and it is sung without harmony (monophonic).
What was a mystery cycle play? It instructed on the content of religion.
What was Everyman? A 15th century play that had a personification on the theme of the struggle for the soul.
What is the meaning of memento mori? Translated as "be mindful of death," it encompasses a genre of art that all revolves around a reminder of human mortality.
What is an allegory? Representation by other than literal means; usually applies to a literary work. Conveyed by use of symbolic characters, actions, or figures of speech. Examples are Everyman, The Divine Comedy, Aesop's Fables, and the Chronicles of Narnia.
What are illuminated books? Artistically enhanced texts. Often the capital letter (majuscule) was ornate and the pages were highly decorated with colored inks and gold leaf.
What was the significance of medieval Paris? Between approx. 1150 and 1300, Paris was the center of western civilization as a royal seat and mercantile center. It also gave birth to Gothic architecture, scholasticism, and the University.
What is meant by Gothic? A style embraced primarily in architecture with pointed arches, pinnacles, and columns. It traces its beginnings to the Abbey of Saint Denis and the designs of Abbott Suger. Originally the term meant "not classical" in style.
Who was Abbott Suger? The head of the Benedictine Abbey Saint Denis from 1122-1151. This structure was the focal point of French patriotism during that time because of the relics it housed and the trade fair held there.
What is a flying buttress? Arches constructed on the outside of walls to help support the weight of a pitched roof that reached towering heights.
What are gargoyles? Architectural elements of demonic or mythical forms positioned at rooftops functioning to funnel rainwater off roofs. Combined the idea of evil fleeing the church because of the way they moved the water out and away from the building.
What was the significance of the cathedral in medieval life? Cathedrals served as the center of religious, economic, and social life for the medieval town. In America, it was replaced for the most part by the town square.
What is meant by the Mysticism of Light? A "theology of beauty" embraced by Abbott Suger that says that in the ascending hierarchy of existence (The Great Chain of Being), the purity of light is God himself. The theory was first advanced by Dionysius the Areopagite, a fifth century Syrian monk.
What was the significance of stained glass windows in early church buildings? They provided a way to depict Biblical stories for the illiterate but only when illuminated by light from behind (God as outlined in the Mysticism of Light). Stained glass windows are sometimes referred to as "The Bible of the Poor."
What is Sainte Chappelle? The Holy Chapel constructed by Louis IX to house relics such as the Crown of Thorns worn by Christ during his crucifixion. Notable as being an example of the high point of Gothic architecture.
What is significant about Chartres cathedral? It was rebuilt in 1194 in the Gothic style. The windows incorporate the idea of the Mysticism of Light.
What was a medieval guild? A society of craftsmen and merchants that was a cross between a fraternal organization and a union.
Who was St. Francis of Assisi? Started an order of brothers who lived a life of poverty and prayer.
Who was Thomas Aquinas? An influential teacher of theology at the University of Paris in the 13th century. Had a middle-ground approach to fideism (where faith is independent of reason) vs. rationalism.
Who was Dante Alighieri? A political exile who wrote the Divine Comedy.
What is the Song of Roland? An example of the literary form chanson de geste, it depicts exploits of Charlemagne.
What is the significance of trope? When words were added to chant (Quem Quaeritis as an example), it opened the door for the chants to be depicted as plays and evolved into allegories such as Everyman.
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