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China Unit Vocab

Social Studies Unit Vocab

Adapt to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly
canal an artificial waterway for navigation, irrigation
civil (service) those branches of public service concerned with all governmental administrative functions outside the armed services.
dynasty a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group
emperor the male sovereign or supreme ruler of an empire
hierarchy any system of persons or things ranked one above another.
mandate an authoritative order or command
monopoly exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market
peasant a member of a class of persons, as in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, who are small farmers or farm laborers of low social rank
philosophy the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct
standardization bringing to or make of an established standard size, weight, quality, strength, or the like
allegiance the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign
arable capable of producing crops; suitable for farming; suited to the plow and for tillage
corruption corrupt or dishonest proceedings
cultivation preparing and working on (land) in order to raise crops
nepotism favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship in business and politics
revive to activate, set in motion, or take up again; renew
clan a group of close-knit and interrelated families
feudalism Feudalism was a system in which people were given land and protection by people of higher rank, and worked and fought for them in return.
censor . an official who examines material that is about to be released, such as books, movies, news, and art, and suppresses any parts that are considered politically unacceptable or a threat to security.
estimate roughly calculate
suspend temporarily prevent from continuing
acquire buy or obtain
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