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Unit 7

Immigration and Urbanization chapters 15 & 16

Jane Addams created Hull House, a settlement house in Chicago to help immigrants. She also received the Nobel Peace Prize
Boss Tweed leader of Tammany Hall the political machine that controlled the Democratic party in NYC, he went to prison for stealing money from the city
Mark Twain famous author who coined the phrase, The Gilded Age for this time period
Thomas Nast political cartoonist who helped expose the corruption of Boss Tweed
Andrew Carnegie industrialist who made his millions in the steel business
J.P. Morgan business/banking tycoon who was one of the wealthiest men alive & created the first billion dollar US Steel Corp in America
Booker T. Washington African American leader who stressed hard work and education to achieve advancement
James Garfield assassinated President, succeeded by his VP Chester A. Arthur
James Garfield president plagued with the problems of the spoil system and killed by an insane disappointed office seeker
Wright Brothers built the Wright glider and achieved flight at Kitty Hawk, NC
Ellis Island immigration station in New York harbor where immigrants had to go through a variety of inspections, including the dreaded medical inspection, before entering America
Island of Hope one of the many nicknames for Ellis Island
nativism discrimination faced by immigrants
Angel Island immigration station in San Francisco Bay
Laissez faire government should stay out of the economy
social darwinism justified social classes with the belief that poor are lazy and the rich are better
tenements urban dwellings that were overcrowded and unhealthy
Gilded Age period in America of growth and wealth but also corruption and abuse
Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court Case that ruled that separate but equal was constitutional
25th amendment allows the VP to act as President if the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties
Civil Service Reform Bill based job on one's merit determined through a qualifying exam
Jim Crow Laws nickname of laws designed to deny African Americans rights
urbanization growth of cities
melting pot metaphor for America which is a mixing of people of different cultures and races
political machine organized group that controlled the activities of a political party in a city
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