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Benchmark Questions

What European countries had colonies in Latin America? Spain, Portugal, France
What were the effects of Industrial Revolution? Cites grew, increased middle class, socialism
What happened during the Storming of Bastille? The prison was attacked & then tore down.
Who was responsible for unification of Italy? Garibaldi
What was Guerilla Warfare? Attack, attack, retreat
Who was the man responsible for leading in Latin America? Bolivar
Who led the Mexican Revolution? Miguel Hidalgo
What changes in the new development of farming set the state for the Industrial Revolution? Enclousuremovement
During the late 19th century Africa was colonized by who? Most major European countries
Why did European countries practice imperialism? Cheap labor, gain resources, new markets for trade, power, & wealth
What 5 European countries practice imperialism? England, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal
What tools/technology did European explorers have? Compass, astrolabe, caravel
Explain how mercantilism works. The key idea of mercantilism is that a country's power depends on wealth.
Explain what was happening in Triangular Trade. What were some of the items on each leg. It was exchange of goods in a triangular look. Americas-rice,tobacco, furs Europe-iron, cloth, weapons Africa-slaves, gold, pepper
What Asian products were in high demand in Europe? Spices such as pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg
Describe absolutism/unlimited government autocracy. It is where a ruler has total control and power
What time period was influenced by democratic thought and social institutions? Age of Inlightenment
How did kings' power change & what form of government ended when the English Bill of Rights was signed? Parliament forced kings to be limited by law;absolute monarchyended when the English Bill of Rights was signed?
How did the Triangular Trade affect Africa/ Robbed Africa of their poplation & increased warfare among Africans
What significant/important about the Glorious Revolution reguarding the monarch's power? Constitutional monarchy-written laws limited the power of the monarch
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