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Benchmark Review 2

Enclosure movement the new development in farming that help spur the Agricultural Rev.
French Revolution the Reign of Terror was part of this Rev.
Capitalism economic system that allows private ownership of business, etc. without govt. inference
Garibaldi the man most responsible for uniting Italy
Napoleon this man ended the French Revolution & took over France
Interchangeable Parts same sized_shaped parts that were mass produces by machinery
Imperialism when a country takes over another specially Ex. When Europe was taking over Africa & Asia
Guerrilla Warfare surprise attacks, then retreat (type of fighting)
Australia large island in Pacific Ocean that the British controlled
Textile the first industry to use machinery
Bolivar this man led Mexican war of independence against Spain
Bastille the French people attacked this prison & tore it down
Haiti French colony that Louverture was from who fought for independence
India the large Asian country that Britain took control of
Bismarck this man was most responsible for uniting Germany with his blood & iron policy
Cotton Gin invention by Eli Whitney that cleaned cotton seueds out of cotton America colonies gain independence
Bolivar Revolutionary leader from Venezuela, the most famous revlutionary that helped many Latin
Indepedence when the U.S. was having the Civil War, what was Latin American colonies trying to gain
Created by: kbryan7661
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