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Chapter 10 and 11

Chapter 10 and 11 Definitions

Stock Market It is a place where stocks are traded.
Invested It is to buy something or to put money into a business in order to make more money..
Hoovervilles It was an area of a city where poor,homeless people built shacks to live in during the Great Depression. Hoovervilles were named after President Hoover.
Migrant Farm Workers It is a person who goes from farm to farm looking for work.
Veterans He or She is a person who has been in the armed forces.
Recovery It is a return to normal conditions.
Insurance It is protection against property loss or damage.
Pensions IT is a sum of money paid regularly to a person after he or she has retired from a job.
Minority It is a group of people that is thought to be different than the larger group it is a part of because of race or religion.
Polio It is a disease that is caused by a virus. It leads to paralysis and mainly affects children.
Totalitarian These dictators had total power.
Fascist Mussolini became the leader of the Fascist party.
Nazi Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party.
Anti-Semitism Hatred of Jews, or anti-Semitism, spread through out Germany.
Persecuted Hitler Persecuted Germany's Jews.
Concentration Camps Thousands of Jews were arrested and sent to Concentration Camps where they became prisoners and were often killed.
Axis Nations They became known as the Axis Nations.
Aggression During the 1936s Germany and Italy and japan used Aggression, or military force, to attack and conquer other countries.
Appeasement the British and the French gave in to Hitler, using a policy known as Appeasement.
Nonaggression Pact In 1939 Hitler signed a Nonaggression Pact with Joseph Stalin.
BlitzKrieg Germany used a new method called Blitzkrieg.
Civilians Thousands of Civilians where killed.
Isolationism Most Americans continued to favor a policy of Isolationism.
Destroyers In 1940, Winston Churchill asked the United Sates for fifty old Destroyers, which are small warships that carry weapons.
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