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Chapter 17 & 18

The Industrial Giant and The Industrial Age

Social Darwinism The thought that people that performed the best and were the most able would always survive if they could demonstrate.
Laissez-Faire Non-interference
National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry Founded in 1876; An agricultural fraternity.
Interstate Commerce Act A federal law that was created to control the American Railroad Industry.
Sherman Antitrust Act A law that restricted any businesses from engaging in certain business activities and allows the government to examine and inspect trust.
Knights of Labor One of the most important and largest American Labor Organizations in the 1880's and was led by Uriah S. Stephens.
American Federation of Labor Formed in 1886 and focused on attaining higher wages for its members and a shorter work week.
The Labor Union Movement A movement that protected the common interest of workers.
The Socialist Labor Party "Social Industrial Unionism"
Henry George Author, his writings kindled and triggered many movements of the Progressive Era.
Nativism White people that came here first thought that they were superior to the white people that came here later. There was a fear or hatred of them.
Tenement Residential apartment house.
Settlement Houses Community centers.
Social Gospel Instead of saving souls, these pastors delivered a message that focused on improving living conditions.
New immigration The flow of immigration into America around the late nineteenth and early twentieth century from Europe.
The Sewing Trades Most women worked in these and were paid a much lower wage than men.
Industrial Expansion As the need for labor increased, the immigration rates increased too.
Haymarket Bombing A labor protest rally that turned into a riot after someone threw a bomb at the police.
Lung Block This was the name of an unhealthy corner because of its popularity of tuberculosis among its people.
Evangelists Founded many mission schools, American branches of the YMCA, and the Salvation Army.
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