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Sections 10-3 & 10-4

kidnapping impressment
American ships were no longer allowed to sail to foreign ports Embargo Act of 1807
a Shawnee chief who vowed to stop the loss of Native American land Tecumseh
Westerners who called for war War Hawk
an experienced officer who took charge of an infant fleet on the shores of Lake Erie; "don't give up the ship" Oliver Hazard Perry
an American victory over the British in the War of 1812 that put and end to the British threat in the Northwest and weakened Native American resistance Battle of the Thames
a Washington lawyer that watched a battle at Fort McHenry, and from there wrote the Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
ended the war of 1812 Treaty of Ghent
what fort were the British attacking when the Star Spangled Banner was written? Fort McHenry
what was Tecumseh's goal? for all Native American tribes to unite and to stop the loss of their land
what were three main causes of the War of 1812? impressment of U.S. citizens, interference with American shipping, and British support of Native American resistance
what were the three main effects of the war? increased American patriotism, weakened Native American resistance, U.S. manufacturing grew
who was the victorious commander at the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
what two important buildings did the British burn down? the Capitol building and the president's mansion
Andrew Jackson won this battle, but it was an unnecessary victory The Battle of New Orleans
the British tried to cut off New England from the south, but their plans failed when they were defeated by an American fleet The Battle of Lake Champlain
why did the Embargo Act of 1807 effect the United States more than other countries? America could not have any contact with any foreign nation whatsoever, while other countries had trade set up to where they could get the supplies as needed, and America was on it's own due to that policy
what was Andrew Jackson's nickname? Old Hickory
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