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8th SS Ch#7

the states write constitutions

What is constitution? a document that sets out the laws, principles, organizations, and processes of a government
What is Bill of Rights? a list of freedoms that the government promises to protect
What is Excute? to carry out
In the Articles of Confederation no one wanted what? a strong central government
What is the Articles of Confederation? the first American constitution
What did it create? a loose alliance of 13 states
States sent who to congress? delagates
There was no what? president
Congress could do 3 things. What were they? declare war, appoint military officers, and coin money
9 states had to agree for what? a law to be passed
The government could not do what? tax people
Conflict over fighting for who? Vermont
If built up debt but couldn't do what? tax
Continental money wasn't what? worth anything
Each state had their own what? money
Great Britain left his troops where? the Ohio River Valley
Spain shut down the port of what? New Orleans
Land Ordinance of 1785 did what? set up a system for settling the Northwest Territory
How were townships divided? into 36 one square mile sections
Ben Franklin was the what? oldest delagate
George Washington was what of the convention? president
Alexander Hamilton wanted what? a strong federal government
James Madison was what of the constitution? the father
The Virginia Plan was proposed by who? Edmond Randolf and James Madison
It was supported by what? Big States
What are the three branches of the strong national government? Legeslative, Excutive, and Judicial
What did legislative do? make laws
What did excutive do? carry out the law
What did judicial do? interpret the law
What is legislatives highest house? Congress (senate, house of representatives)
What is excutive's highest house? president
What is judicial's highest house? supreme court
John locks' treaty. all people have the natural rights to life, liberty and ....
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