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Chapter 17 & 18

The Industrial Giant and The Industrial Age

Social Darwinism the thought that the people that performed the best and were the most able would always survive if they could demonstrate their abilities fully and without limitation.
Laissez-Faire Non-Interference
National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry An agricultural fraternity the was founded in 1867.
Interstate Commerce Act A law created to control the American Railroad Industry
Sherman Anti-trust Act A law that banned any business from engaging in certain business activities and allows the government to examine and ***********
The Labor Union Movement A movement in which workers fought for higher wages, improved working conditions, and to end child labor.
Knights of Labor A group of workers, led by Uriah Stephens. This group was critical in the progression of The Labor Movement.
The American Federation of Labor the merging of national craft unions in 1886.
Henry George Author, his writings kindled and triggered many movements of The Progressive Era.
The Socialist Labor Party "Socialist Industrial Union"
Tenement residential apartment homes
Settlement Houses Community centers
Nativism fear or hate of immigrants.
Social Gospel A message delivered by pastors that making the living conditions and houses for the poor better was more important than saving lost soul.
New Immigration the flow of immigration into America around the late nineteenth and early twentieth century from Europe.
Transportation in the late 1800's The transport across land was heavily changed by the invention of the electric trolley car.
Working Women many women worked in the industry to increase the flow of income to their homes. Most worked in textile mills and in jobs involving sewing and textiles, and some were nurses.
Unemployment word created in the late 19th century.
Families in the Working Class The more income the family had, the more luxuries, better homes, and more insurance.
Who favored state laws that supported education? Horace Mann
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