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review ME/maytag

review geography middle east

A sea where there is no life form and is made up of too much salt? Dead sea
A country that has a good amount of oil to make good money? Saudi Arabia
Is a river made up of two water ways and is met up in the middle? Shoot al-arab
Is a country that has a lot of dams to block off water from other countries? Turkey
Is a dessert located south of Saudi Arabia? Rub-al-khali Dessert
Is a water way used for trading and wanted to be owned by Iran? Strait of Hormaz
Is a body of water leading to the Dead Sea ,but is closed off? Jordan River
This natural resource is used for trading and Saudi Arabia has it mainly? Oil
It is located along Southeast shore of Mediterranean Sea and is the worlds most densely populated areas in Israel? Gaza Strip
This is located between Europe,Persian Gulf and East Asia and is used for heavy shipping ? Red Sea
In The Middle East humans throw a lot of trash in the ocean which is called? Pollution
Is a process that removes salt from seawater? Desalination
Is an underground tunnel that supply mountain water to dry places like The Middle East? Quants
One billion people die because they don't have this natural resources. Water
Water that has remained in aquifer long timespan is called? Fossil Water
This saves water and fertilizeses by allowing water to drip into plants? Drip irrigation
These two body or waters supply water for people and starts in Turkey? Tigris river and Euphrates river
This is power used in dams to store water? Hydroelectric power
Is amount of water that is supplied to plants at regular? Irrigation
Is underground water that is extracted using a water well? Underground Aquafiers
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