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Intro to Hum 6-10

quick notes

Charlemagne leader most responsible for unifying Europe in the early Middle Ages
Feudalism medieval social system based on the link between military service and the ownership of land
Monastic Life vows of Chastity, Obedience, and Poverty. pursuit of solitary devotion to the spirit
Romanesque Style rounded arches and barrel vaults
Cathedral at Chartres-Rose Window big circular window with Virgin Mary holding the Christ child in the center
Cathedral at Chartres-Tunic "worn by Virgin Mary during Christ's birth"
Cathedral at Chartres-Flying Buttresses supported massive ceiling weight
Universities theology or law or medicine. few women were allowed advanced education
Dante "Divine Comedy"- three parts
Chaucer "Canterbury Tales"- pilgrims with different motivations to travel to Canterbury
Medici Family patrons of charity and arts. commissioned many famous pieces of art.
Florence where Ghiberti's "Gates of Paradise"; Michelangelo's Pieta and David are located
Brunellesci dome of Florence Cathedral
Michelangelo David. Pieta. ceiling of Sistine Chapel
Donatello reinvented freestanding nude in classical style
Leonardo-scientist drawings of airplanes and submarines; many other advances in learning are credited to him
Leonardo-painter *perspective* "Last Supper"also famous for "Mona Lisa"
Raphael "School of Athens" fresco
mortality of Renaissance times 1% lived past 60 years
Protestant Ethic self sacrifice and hard work
Reformation 1517 Martin Luthers 95 Theses in Germany led to a breaking away from the Catholic Church's corruption
Counter-Reformation Catholic Church's response to Protestant movement
Predestination belief that God has predetermined who will be saved
King Henry VIII Anglican Church, away from papal authority
satire criticizes society through humerous exaggeration and parody
Erasmus In Praise of Folly; satire of vanity and corruption in Renaissance society
Shakespeare most acclaimed dramatist of English language
Hamlet by Shakespeareabout a prince's vengence for his father's murder
mannerists Italian artists who used exaggeration, distortion, and expressiveness in an elegant and inventive play on Renaissance conventions
Mannerists- most famous work Madonna of the Long Necks
domination of European continent during 16th century England, France, Spain
Taj Mahal in India
Taj Mahal tomb for favorite wife of Shah Jahan; Mughal empire
Baroque art and music style that characterized the 17th century
El Greco Spanish- Baroque master painterof religious feeling who applied Renaissance technique to his subjects"Burial of Count Orgaz"
"Burial of Count Orgaz" shows biblical figures in contemporary dress and setting
Cervantes Spanish Writer of Baroque eraDon Quixote
Don Quixote explored tension between illustration and reality
Bernini-Italian architect piazza at St. Peters Squareaka "Key to God's Kingdom"
Bernini-Italian sculptor "The Ecstacy of St Teresa"
Palace of Versailles for Louis XIVHall of Mirrors is most famous part
Bach German composer
Rembrandt-method light and shadow
Rembrandt-works "Christ Healing the Sick" etching"Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp" oil painting
Descartes "Cogito ergo sum"= "I think, therefore I am"; known for the idea of doubting everything
Milton Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost recounts original drama of Christianity
Locke liberalism
Copernicus Theory of Heliocentrism; repented
Newton theory of gravity
theory of gravity most important discovery of baroque age
theory of heliocentrism sun is stationary, planets revolve around the sun; challenged bible and Catholic church's authority
Van Eyck "Adam and Eve" ; "Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini"
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